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71th Courier Anniversary Issue
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The BGH Advisory Board pays it forward

Remember the song “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away This year, to save me from tears, I’ll give it to someone special”?

Well, that was not the case, except for the last part when the BGH Advisory Board headed by Ram Sharma in partnership with the BGH Medical Center, Fernando & Rosa Foundation (FRB), Chandru Budhrani family, Philippine Information Agency-CAR, and the Baguio Museum gave their hearts to special people with healing warm hugs last Christmas.

This was during the BGHAB third Share-a-Joy: Warm healing hugs for Christmas,” a sort of “embrace healing: one hug at a time,” as quoted by Nonnette Bennett. Last Christmas, the board decided to give blankets to about 400 pedia and indigent patients at the BGHMC, 15 sets of blankets, sweaters and milk for the nuns of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Itogon, Benguet, 12 for the boys (children in conflict with the law) at the Social Development Center of the City Social Welfare and Development Office at Irisan under Ellen Dayag assisted by house parent Marlene Erot, and 91 blankets and sweaters for the Baguio City Jail Management and Penology Women’s Dorm under Jail Warden April Rose Ayangwa.

Paying it forward gives you a nice feeling. The phrase was coined by Lily Hardy Hammond in her 1916 book in the “Garden of Delight.” To give someone a bit of happiness and joy is amazing. To give someone your time and attention is precious. To see their smiles and appreciation is remarkable. That’s probably because love has no price tag and transcends all barriers.

This year’s “Share-a-Joy: Warm healing hug” of the BGHAB sort of grew in scope and extended to more recipients. It became an adventure. It started at the hospital with PIA-CAR Director Helen Tibaldo accompanied by Emeritus Board Rose Carbonell, Fe Pena, FRB representatives Jeanerose and Aaron Sarno, and Lito Dar of PIA-CAR, who took the pedia, cancer, Emergency Room side of the BGHMC while Chairman Sharma with Bennett, emeritus Gloria Jasa, Parveen Budhrani, Romy Macanas of the Baguio Museum, and Redjie Cawis of PIA-CAR and BGHMC staff Magda Dawowong, Teresita Cornel, Elvira Filomeno, and Jovita Pajarillo gave gifts in the main building. The board also donated cash and blankets to job order service workers, dietary personnel, and security guards of the BGHMC.

Next in the adventure trail was a trip to the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. There we met Sister Bernadette Dawadeo and Sister Maria Consuelo Cayabas. It was nice to see the senior sisters in their abode, a spacious haven with each sister having their own rooms and a hospitable dining area – happy and entertaining.

Because we were traversing horrendous traffic, we went to the Social Development Center in Irisan via Brookside and Ferguson. It was a long ride, nevertheless a happy one. There we met the boys who had a respite from their basketball game. According to Marlene, their house parent, there are 18 boys but the rest were on temporary discharge. By the way, the BGHAB, through Bennett is looking for 18 pairs of rubber shoes to donate to them.

Our adventure ended at the BJMP Women’s Dorm where blankets and sweaters were given to the women persons deprived of liberty.

Congratulations and Happy New Year to Hidenobu Oguni, head of the Japan Association in Northern Luzon. Today you and JANL are celebrating your New Year and Christmas party. We wish you a bigger 10th Tanabata Festival this coming August.

Happy birthday Patricia Eriksson and Genie Abiad. Bon voyage Aina Eriksson.

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