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70th Courier Anniversary Issue
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Happy Mother’s Day!

“Youth fades; love droops; the leaves of friendship fall; A mother’s secret hope outlives them all.” -- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Today, we celebrate Mother’s Day. A day that warms a mother’s heart. It is a time to remember your mother, grandmother, all mothers, and your first taste of motherhood. And for the men, their wives and in-laws. They say that the “celebration of mothers and motherhood can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who held festivals in honor of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele, but the clearest modern precedent for Mother’s Day is the early Christian festival known as Mothering Sunday.” So, happy Mother’s Day!

For mothers who did not have the gift of modern technology then called ultrasound, this is the day to remember the first time you saw and held that little bundle of joy! With no idea of the pains and joy of that indescribable and magical moment called childbirth. When your baby was put on top of your tummy or when you held those little fingers and smelled the essence of your baby. Time to remember the panic button of the trial and error baby care. When you cried because you could not remove the remaining vestiges of a belly button, or when you were learning to change a diaper, or the first time you bathe your baby. The sleepless nights, the first smile, and coo sounds. Yes, motherhood is a wonder! And you sigh and miss your own mom, if they were not around to teach you the basics of motherhood. Yes, God has a way of teaching us the basic lessons in life, they are called instincts.

But babies grow so fast, before you know it, they are toddlers. Oh, the cuteness of it all. Then you go through the whole process. The first bumps and injections. The first illnesses and fevers. Even when cameras were not readily available you memorized and recorded in whatever way you could: the first haircut, the first visitors, and the first gifts. Yes, they were all recorded in a baby book, including the first pictures. And then you remember the terrible twos, the first nursery school when you had to leave your precious baby with strangers and teachers and perplexed that just as they held your apron strings they were readily and able to face the world on their own without your presence. Then adolescence, teenage years, and college days. And you wonder, where did time go? As you observe the growth of your kids, you forget, you were growing old with them. When it was you who was watching over your babies, now your babies are now watching over you. Now that the cycle is reversed, you can only pray and pray when your children leave the nest for their protection and guidance.

And then you wonder and ask God, have I been a good mother? I thought I did my best. Just like the lyrics of the “Just Once” James Ingram song, “I did my best but I guess my best wasn’t good enough.” Do you mothers ever feel that way?

Whatever the turns and twists in life, you can only trust that God will take care of your children and they, theirs. And that is why being a grandmother or grandfather is so sweet. You get to experience the process all over again. Maybe it is because you see in your grandchild the similarities. The same smile, the same way of talking, the same eyes or mannerisms. Except this time, the stage is no longer yours. You can only watch from a distance and smile. Watch videos and pictures and thank God for giving you the chance to witness this second wave of magic called grand parenting. Happy Mother’s day Jackie and Patricia and my ate Bot! And happy mother’s day to all the mothers out there! God is good!

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The CISV Baguio Chapter is still looking for 14 to 15-year-old boy and girl delegates to complete the “Step-up” delegation going to Hordaland, Norway on June 29 to July 21. If you want to give your teenage child the experience of a lifetime, please do not hesitate to message or contact Maggs Cabato (0939-937-5317) or Bing Bangaoet (0917-587-7004) for inquiries. The Step-up Program is about youth empowerment where your teen age children will be able to identify issues and present solutions on their own, much needed lessons for growing up. The delegates to Norway are: Jan Patric Lao and Maria Christiana San Juan with Reggie de Guia as adult leader; to Vienna, Austria (July 6 to Aug. 2) the adult leader is Jessica Ann del Rosario; and to Cendrawasih, Indonesia (June 28 to July 24) with adult leader Bryan Navarro.

Happening now is the 1st Junior Branch weekend at Ating Tahanan at South Drive.

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