Issue of March 12, 2017
Mt. Province

66th Courier Anniversary Issue
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Amazing People of Baguio

If you are from the lowlands, from faraway lands, from the nearby provinces, a Manila denizen, or have not been a resident of Baguio for a long time, you are probably not abreast of the unique culture of the Baguio people.

Webster defines culture, as a “state of manners, taste, and intellectual development at a time or place.” For some who are not from here, there is a sense of bewilderment on why Baguio people have natural pink cheeks sans blush on, speak English very well, are mostly intellectuals, wear sweaters or jackets all day long even when the weather gets a little warmer, has that air of sophistication, and oftentimes wear clothes they are most comfortable with.

And because Baguio is a melting pot of cultures, a lot of Baguio luminaries remain to be humble, no matter if they circumnavigated the globe many times and occupy prestigious positions. In other words, we are sensitive and courteous and expect the same, especially when ideas, plans, and projects are presented to us. They should undergo a process of consultation. And that is what people who are not from here, or those who have stayed out of Baguio for a long time, do not understand.

When in Baguio, you have to embrace its unique culture or the ideas of the beautiful people of Baguio. We have a different way of presenting things; a different way of understanding the pulse of what the people want. You may have great ideas, but we have them too. You may have studied in big universities in Manila; we have great universities in Baguio too. We have a different way of dressing up. For instance you don’t see Baguio people wearing “p” shorts albeit trembling during the cold weather with bonnets and thick jackets.

Baguio people are indifferent to fame, they do not yell and ran after celebrities; they admire from a distance. In fact, we find visitors and celebrities unmindful of our culture, sometimes disrespectful or no appreciation at all.

Baguio people are overflowing with ideas. In other words, do not assume that we have not done our share of helping our community because we have. We might have been remiss sometimes. But you need to listen to us.

For new managers assigned to our great city, we laud your great plans and projects, but please have the courtesy of consulting us first before you shove your ideas into our heads and before you implement your development plans. Or when you do consult with us, please honor protocol and commitments. Baguio people are willing to listen provided they are given the proper respect.

We are amazing because we are unique, in terms of people, topography, weather, arts and culture. We also have a great history. We have been blessed with so many beloved personalities whose achievements resonate with the new generation and the youth. We are saddened by some people who think they know more than the people of Baguio. We have been blessed with the presence of great artists who remain humble in spite of fame. Yes, we are a “melting pot” and an “art haven” and it is indeed amazing.

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