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66th Courier Anniversary Issue
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Visions for the New Year

Starting the year may be a little difficult with the end of merrymaking, food tripping, endless bonding, camaraderie, and reunion with family, relatives and friends, resolutions, new assignments, and beating deadlines. To top it all, there are remnants of last year’s unfinished businesses and transactions. Were you able to prepare for what lies ahead? Or shall we go through another bout of que sera sera, what will be will be?

Then there is also the offer of healing prayers for relatives and dear friends who faced the birth of Christ in sadness but with fervent wishes of good health and healing. And into the horizon is the vision for another year of wondrous opportunities and plenty of love and happiness. Bon voyage, welcome, adieu, and congratulations. To those entering a new job, welcoming a new baby, a new beginning, a new hope, welcome! For those leaving in search of greener pastures and moving on, bon voyage, adieu, farewell! And for those winning awards and nominations, and winning your inner battles, congratulations!

And since we speak of visions, with it comes plans and proposals. For those in the corporate world or public domain, proposals can either be tedious or easy. For those in love, proposals open new lives and new beginnings. But let’s talk of proposals in the context of pursuing a project. It must be good, it must be thorough, and it must involve a lot of work. From titles to duration, from objectives to strategies, to actors and players, to key beneficiaries, to outputs and timetables or Gantt charts, and lastly budget estimates. It spells out everything, especially the judicious use of time and resources. Most students are asked during beginning of classes what their visions are. Some could discern what exactly their goal is, and yet others are spellbound by the enormity of the challenge. Ano raw ‘yun? (What is that?) To some, it simply is something not to think about. A four-year course does not spell a student’s vision or the accomplishment of his or her goal.

Simply put, students should be taught early on what their vision is. To accomplish this, they should start with a simple proposal on how they can turn this vision into a reality, a fruition of their dreams.

What are the little steps or what are their stepping stones? I believe all students must be taught how to make a simple project proposal, the stepping stones for obtaining their visions; from conceptualization to implementation, to accomplishment of the vision and goal.

However, let us digress a bit. Some top managers and leaders sometimes miss the point in the accomplishment of their vision. They miss the “people” relationship component; that to be successful, a quantifying factor is people rapport or relationship. You might have reached your vision and goal, but are you happy? Have you considered the people around you? Have you stepped on their feelings and individualities? Have you really earned the most important word: respect? Or is it the fear factor that you think has gained you the respect? Are you loved or feared or simply just followed, just because you are the boss? Do you really deserve to be called a boss?

Yes, people. Life is complicated. Being on top is a lonely place if your people do not respect you. Respect begets love. Have you forgotten something? Did you make your life’s simple project proposal? Please do not forget a very important strategy – love. With the visions of a new year, everything boils down to love and respect. Endeavor to earn it so you can pin it into your heart. Let it glow.

Did I make sense? Well just like any proposal, it is complicated.

Join us in the opening of a solo art exhibit today, Jan. 8, at 4 p.m. at the Baguio Museum. The exhibit is entitled “Hues of life,” the interpretation of dreams by JP Parmisano of Bacnotan, La Union. Happy orbit, Heidi and Patricia! Welcome home, Per and Patricia!

Happy 10th New Year celebration, Japanese Association Northern Luzon! Congratulations, Hidenobu Oguni.

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