Issue of January 13, 2019
Mt. Province

Panagbenga Flower Festival
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1.    Three political clans in one Cordillera province are most likely to combine forces and fight a ruling local administration in May 2019 polls before parting ways come 2022.

2.    A government agency might conduct a parallel investigation on the alleged previous gambling operation inside a jail facility with a prisoner as the financer and operator.

3.    Two anti-graft and corruption advocates have filed criminal and administrative cases against executives before the Ombudsman for “overpriced” retrofitting of overpasses.

4.    There would be no failure of midterm elections even if the personal bets of President Rodrigo Duterte will not come out in the magic 12 of winning senatoriables in May.

5.    Several candidates for senator are making their presence felt in the Cordillera as seen in social media posts since Comelec said that voters here reached over one million.

6.    A group that has been making the farmers as its milking cow for decades now is not doing something to assist the farmers when their vegetable products were left unsold.

7.    Until now, a self-styled public worker continues to harbor ill feelings towards a ranking politician, who has not endorsed the former’s application to a higher position.

8.    Voting for the same old political leaders or their families and expecting that change is coming, as always promised during the campaign trail, is simply political insanity.

9.    The city mayor did the right thing in denying the planned operation of an amusement facility at Children’s Playground due to various reasons such as damage to the ground.

10. A provincial official will most likely fail to get solid support from his own hometown for not showing up to comfort residents who were affected by last year’s typhoon.

11. Aside from openly violating the curfew ordinance, a business establishment at Session Road also offers liquor to minors, who frequent the place even beyond curfew period.

12. A self-proclaimed publicist has not been used by the “intelligence” community to pay tabloids to attach the National Union of Journalist of the Philippines to the CPP-NPA.

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