Issue of August 11, 2019
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1.     DepEd-Baguio must reprimand students, who display little respect to the city mayor through their Facebook posts every time there’s an advisory on suspension of classes.

2.     People in the rural and urban areas know who were behind the attempted killing of this American human rights defender even if the suspects claim their hands are clean.

3.     The chief of police does not mind taking a leave of absence even on weekend to visit his family, as he has to oversee his men perform their duties and responsibilities.

4.     CBAO and other concerned agencies must validate the information that an ongoing building project below the biggest mall lacks permits, like the controversial building nearby.

5.     A career official has vowed to continue serving the public even if she was stripped of some functions such as deciding on project contracts for the past two decades.

6.     Several media outfits were publicly criticized for sharing news about the closure of one lane of Session Road, which was abruptly suspended hours before its implementation.

7.     It is high time the city government recovers a huge section of the Athletic Bowl complex which has become a milking cow for enterprising groups and a self-styled military camp.

8.     LTFRB must realize by now that the mounting opposition against additional 400 taxi units is due to public fear on more traffic woes, not an issue of strict requirements.

9.     The one-lane section at City Camp Proper does not mean allowing owners of private cars to use a public road as parking area and be exempted from traffic violations.

10. Countless highly-paid government personnel did not participate in Thursday’s nationwide earthquake drill since they refused to get wet and it was just a drill anyway.

11. A self-proclaimed famous personality opted not to share to his naughty friends that the speech he prepared for a crucial event was not crumpled by the person who will read it.

12. A known commentator was removed from a social media group created by supporters of this politician after the former hinted that members should set aside vested interests.

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