Issue of May 13, 2018

70th Courier Anniversary Issue
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1.    To recoup the advance payments, the operator of the Burnham Park carnival has set up revenue-earning booths even if only the amusement rides were approved by the city council.

2.    Some of those aspiring to replace embattled former Tourism Sec. Wanda Teo were dismayed, as candidates must have pleasing personalities, not necessarily credentials.

3.    This government executive recently accused of possibly committing extortion is the same official, who has requested an expensive dog breed and latest iPhone model from a client.

4.    A private establishment along Marcos Highway is operating a mini-casino with throngs of aficionados, as the multi-sectoral group opposing all forms of gambling is now silent.

5.    Several commuters cancel their bookings for Grab taxi every time they realize that the cab meter is calibrated, as the money they earned for the day would just go to taxi fare.

6.    The credibility of an annual search event is tainted by individuals who are known to be biased against a group known for its humanitarian acts but has never won the award.

7.    The bond between this regional executive and a businessman turned profitable, as bids and contracts for the agency are awarded to the latter’s business and his private group.

8.    The “Bato” in the Bureau of Corrections must work silently in clearing the penitentiary of drug lords and closing their operation than promising to resign if he fails to do the job.

9.    Taxi drivers do not give the 20 percent discount to students, elders, and PWDs despite the existence of LTFRB MC 2017-024 that orders PUVs to honor such privilege.

10. The Supreme Court decision to oust the Chief Justice has set a dangerous precedent that those perceived as non-allies of Malacañang, including VP Rodredo, are dispensable.

11. The absence of SK candidates in seven barangays in Baguio is not an indication of a deteriorating interest in political affairs of the younger generation in this mountain city.

12. The new set of barangay leaders in Baguio and Benguet after the May 14 polls could change the political landscapes in the two localities in the 2019 midterm elections.

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