Issue of March 4, 2018
Mt. Province

Panagbenga Flower Festival
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1.    Two politicians violated the long standing policy against politicking during the Panagbenga by breaking the parade to shake hands with the spectators despite warnings.

2.    This agency mandated to promote the wonders of the Cordillera is too national in scope that is why images of tourist spots outside the region were displayed in Baguio.

3.    Some politicians were frustrated that they were not called to have a quick appearance during the taping of this famous television show in two different locations in Benguet.

4.    While the protection of Mount Pulag has been delegated to the DENR, it does not mean that LGUs have no roles to play to protect it from expansion of veggie farms.

5.    Allowing two jeepney lines to traverse the central business district, aside from using the terminals contribute to the horrific traffic situation felt on the thoroughfares.

6.    With the Chief Justice on indefinite leave, there’s no truth to information that the election protest against Vice President Leni Robredo will be resolved soon in favor of the north.

7.    Even without an action from the mayor, the planned carnival at Melvin Jones can’t push through since maintaining Baguio’s image is more important than entertainment.

8.    It will be less of a sour graping if those complaining about the outcome of the Panagbenga competitions are not the players themselves but the spectators of the events.

9.    The Baguio City Police Office was effective in its traffic management plans during the Panagbenga showdown on weekend, not because the number of spectators decreased.

10. This legal luminary has not lost thousands of followers for a social media post that made the public believe that he has an ambition to be the next Chief Justice in due time.

11. An aspiring senator has made herself available as judge in a provincial beauty pageant, an indication that she’s making her presence felt through subtle pre-campaigning.

12. A Malacañang official is not harboring ill feelings towards Baguio officials after he was not invited to attend any of the two main highlights of the crowd-drawing Panagbenga.

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