Issue of June 10, 2018
Mt. Province

70th Courier Anniversary Issue
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1.    Some fuel stations in Bontoc, Mountain Province and Buguias, Benguet offer cheaper prices of gas and diesel even if these areas are far from the fuel depot in San Fernando.

2.    One of the architects of the war on drugs is among those affected by the revamp in the PNP since there were no reported series of shooting incidents within his jurisdiction.

3.    Passports applicants do not believe that an organized group and individuals are behind the illegal practice of selling reserved slots for appointments at costly price.

4.    Concerned national government agencies should also investigate why this agency with officials linked to controversies keeps an office with an expensive monthly rental.

5.    The monthly rental being paid by this regional office crucial to public assistance is huge enough to fund many social services to the barangays by a provincial government.

6.    Malacañang is not inclined to reprimand or dismiss this controversial Cabinet member known for releasing ad hominem attacks against critics of the President.

7.    The President loves to promise to resign every time he is embroiled into public debate for his acts but the condition he cites for him to resign is impossible to be done.

8.    Move to investigate public offices and officials on alleged payola over the operation of the chicken dung trade in a nearby town is long overdue, albeit just a moro-moro.

9.    A self-styled politician has immediately claimed part in the victory of an SK federation president even if it was the latter who worked hard with his team for victory.

10. The election of SK federation officials in an urban area, a prelude to the 2019 election, proved anew that in politics, vested interests come first than longtime alliance.

11. This staff at City Hall, who signs documents for her boss, is equated to a ghost employee as she is always on official business without clocking in and out her DTR.

12. This Cabinet official, who does not know any better, should accept the P10,000 monthly budget challenge to prove that a family can live a decent life with that fund.

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