Issue of July 8, 2018
Mt. Province

70th Courier Anniversary Issue
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1.    The increase in cases of leptospirosis in the Cordillera was not caused by the surge of rat population, but by the massive cutting of trees that has aggravated flooding in the region.

2.    The curfew ordinance, including the smoke-free policy of the city, could be violated by some establishments as long as they pay a weekly fee to someone, not at City Hall.

3.    The silence of this advocacy group, whose members made some noise on tree cutting several years ago, is deafening even if there were trees cut for an amusement facility.

4.    Some of those who attended the recent federalism summit got more confused about the regional campaign for autonomy in the Cordillera due to the complexity of the two topics.

5.    Filipinos residing or working in Australia will suffer humiliation and bullying even after the national basketball team apologized for the brawl watched around the world.

6.    The peace and order campaign seems not a priority for this police officer, who has been proclaiming his closeness to Camp Crame to frighten his peers and superiors.

7.    Without a formal order, a post in a government office near City Hall was occupied by one of its personnel because it has the blessing of a regional executive who disregards protocol.
8.    Dozens of unsuspecting Cordillerans are being deceived by this self-styled group promising them to become regional security force members once federalism is achieved.
9.    Some groups who are using Duterte’s campaign on federalism to recruit individuals for their vested interests were a no-show in a recent genuine gathering on charter change.

10. There is public criticism when this ranking police officer said that the slain Nueva Ecija mayor was not assassinated by a sniper who is trained to hit his target not at close range.

11. The 38 butchered dogs recently disposed along the Shilan-Lamut Road proves that the illegal dog meat trade remains profitable to local enterprising businessmen.

12. The experimental traffic scheme for the Palispis-Aspiras Highway will be effective if it will encourage visitors to use mass transport vehicles and not to come in private cars.

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