Issue of January 7, 2018

Panagbenga Flower Festival
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1.    Taxi drivers operating in Baguio and Benguet towns will most likely petition for a flagdown rate higher than P35, as Manila cabs want their flagdown rate to be P50.

2.    The implementation of the Tax Reform Law should give Baguio Rep. Mark Go more reason to pursue his move for an investigation why fuel prices in the city are overpriced.

3.    The municipal and provincial heads of this regional agency were not required to give financial support to a series of fund-raising undertakings coined by the head of office.

4.    The public expects that those who were relentless to have the funds of a popular event be audited and to be made public must pursue the same after a change in the leadership.

5.    Cordillerans should be aware that the increase in prices of fuel due to the controversial TRAIN Law would mean an increase in the prices of basic commodities anytime soon.

6.    It is still extravagant and an unjustifiable waste of taxpayers money if PCSO spent either P10 million or P6M for a party, which sharply contradicts the wise spending program.

7.    The removal of some Presidential appointees only shows that President Duterte means serious business in eradicating graft even if those being affected are his known allies.

8.    The two giant telecommunication companies that have been lording over the market for decades now will not use money and connections to stop the entry of a third giant firm.

9.    The illegal disposal of possible human wastes and used cooking oil are possible reasons why Session Road suddenly stinks to the dismay of residents and thousands of visitors.

10. A supporter of this known political leader is online 24/7 just to check a popular social media site if anyone posts either verified or unverified information against the leader.

11. Up to now, the chairmanships of different committees at Lower House are still being fought tooth and nail and those being favored as chairpersons must not be from the South.

12. There was a sudden long thread of arguments between artists and a politician when the latter is mulling a policy that aims to regulate public performances in the locality.

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