Issue of December 2, 2018

71th Courier Anniversary Issue
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1.    One of the richest families in Baguio has expanded its businesses by acquiring the most famous bar along Session Road, which is not frequented by politicians.

2.    The high awareness on HIV among Cordillera women does not translate to low HIV transmission in the region, especially in areas where prostitution is rampant.

3.    The integrity of several groups giving awards to known business establishments or institutions is in question for soliciting huge sponsorships from their awardees.

4.    A giant establishment is not worried about complaints raised by its neighboring establishments and institutions, as it is busy preparing tokens for the dignitaries.

5.    There is no truth to information that some Chinese capitalists and workers are making the rounds in Baguio and Benguet in a bid to reinstate online gambling.

6.    City Hall, in order to ensure it is not being shortchanged of its shares from STL and lotto should request PCSO to show how the shares of host LGUs are computed.

7.    Except for one religious sect, the clergy in most parts of the Cordillera are not discussing anything about politics and 2019 elections in the Sunday sermons.

8.    A group of lecturers with questionable credentials, if double-checked, are making the rounds to offer their services at the expense of unsuspecting students in CAR.

9.    A political party warmly welcomed a candidate who was dropped from the roster of his original party, which has exceeded the maximum number of candidates.

10. Those lobbying for government positions or projects have become so aggressive to the extent of invading almost all public forums in town to discuss federalism.

11. The city government is ensuring the sustainability of the night market despite some opposition from motorists since the city gets more from it than from STL and lotto.

12. The city government must hire more traffic auxiliaries to help the local police in securing busy roads and streets from obstructions especially during peak season.

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