Issue of September 17, 2017
Mt. Province

Panagbenga Flower Festival
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1.    Filipino taxpayers could not accept that their taxes are used to pay worthless Cabinet officials, while crucial agencies were given only P1,000 for their annual budget.

2.    Some legislators are not worried of their actions when they favored a P1,000 fund each for three agencies since Filipinos do not make good of their threat of political backlash.

3.    Graft in the agency is not being tolerated by this government officer, who does not favor private insurance firms and fixers, who can deliver goodwill quota to the office monthly.

4.    Barangay officials of City Camp tolerate the parking of private vehicles in a one-way road even if it endangers other motorists traversing the road, which is undergoing repair.

5.    Politicos and their cohorts will soon be investigated for several graft-ridden Pamana projects that were downloaded to the Cordillera rural areas during PNoy’s term.

6.    CHR have a hard time explaining to the blind followers of the current administration that its decree is to probe abuses committed by the PNP and AFP, not by private individuals.

7.    Controversies involving indigenous cultural communities and IPs in the Cordillera have not contributed to the decision of Congress to allocate a measly P1,000 budget for NCIP.

8.    This casino aficionado from Benguet has been cursed by his wife for pretending to have attended a two-day conference in San Fernando City then came home without his SUV.

9.    The presence of unauthorized armed men at the vicinity of this graft-ridden government office shows the true character of the person who wants to run a show spoiled by BCPO.

10. The synchronized SK and barangay elections, by some indications, will most likely be postponed so Palace could appoint local leaders, who are known allies of the President.

11. It is not highly suspicious when the vaccine for the dreaded Japanese encephalitis is not available in gov’t hospitals, as it is only in private centers but with excessive price.

12. Up to now, three Cordillera legislators remain silent even if their constituents want to hear their explanations about their decisions to support the P1,000 annual fund for the CHR.

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