Issue of September 10, 2017
Mt. Province

69th Courier Anniversary Issue
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1.    A City Hall staff has not explained to this KSP legislator that other ranking officials have funded numerous projects in Baguio but not in exchange for a VIP treatment.

2.    This politician thinks he could upset all other formidable opponents in the 2019 polls by discussing mammoth of local and national issues despite his limited knowledge.

3.    A political kingpin has not been helping a local government unit and a DepEd official to upset Baguio-Benguet in their attempt to co-host the 2018 Palarong Pambansa.

4.    The head of this popular health care facility is not tolerating the much-talked unethical practice of a doctor who regularly solicits donations whenever he attends conferences.

5.    An agent assisting a claimant process validated land applicants has to donate an expensive dog breed to a government officer linked to possible graft and corruption.

6.    World War II veterans are right in joining the call for Congress or Palace to support the declaration of holidays for World War II victories, not only for past defeats.

7.    There is nothing wrong in our justice system when influential people or those in power are accorded due process while poor people, including minors, are simply killed.

8.    Multiple vehicular crashes along Bokawkan Road can be avoided if the flow of traffic in that accident-prone section is not slowed down by trucks ferrying heavy loads.

9.    LTO must be strict in issuing driver’s license to motorcycle riders, who think they have the right to just overtake vehicles from any side of the road, causing accidents.

10. The Media Congress 2018 was hyped reason the city intervened in the scheduled “blackout” when the activities were ‘uneventful’ and the cordon sanitaire was over-the-top.

11. The confirmation of this recently appointed Cabinet secretary will be a walk in the park, as he was not wined and dined by companies that invited him for an out-of-town junket.

12. This government executive maintains strong allies at the central office that’s why he has the guts to demand for cash and valuable items from individuals processing land registration.

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