Issue of March 12, 2017
Mt. Province

66th Courier Anniversary Issue
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1. The resolution passed by an advisory council seeking the abolition of special courts handling drug cases helped expose the ‘unlawful activities’ of a magistrate.

2. This government official is the only person who is not happy when Mayor Mauricio Domogan was handpicked by President Rodrigo Duterte as RDC-CAR chair.

3. An employee of Mayor Mauricio Domogan was reminded that RDC-CAR entails a lot of work and spending, as if the mayor is new to his latest appointment.

4. Poor handling of issues about Malacañang affairs, not the regular revamp, led to the demotion of communication officials who are hostile to the private media.

5. School executives must investigate to find out who is liable for the poor disposal of harmful chemicals from a laboratory center to protect the health of students.

6. This self-styled artist, in a bid to overcome insecurities and torpid skills, resorts to discrediting the works of genuine and talented artists and photographers.

7. This honorable will be present during deliberations on permit applications for online games so that no one will be left behind when tokens are distributed.

8.    Legislators who voted in favor of the Death Penalty Bill designed to satisfy the wish of the President will not suffer political backlash from the religious sector.

9.    Some of those who voted in favor of the Death Penalty Bill acted against their conscience, but could not do otherwise, as they are members of the super majority.

10. With the revival of Oplan Tokhang, the PNP should exert efforts to protect its ranks from rogue cops, who stain the honor and trustworthiness of the police force.

11. Businessmen are worried that their stores will be flooded as there are signs that the drainage system of a newly refurbished park was not considered in the plan.

12. A number of Filipino-American expats in the Cordillera have no plans of going back to the United States until such time that the ‘transition period’ is over.

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