Issue of January 8, 2017

66th Courier Anniversary Issue
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1.    The Baguio officials’ response to the untimely transfer of a dependable traffic cop has prevented what could be a precedent in the regional police command.

2.    This regional executive has not shown personal choice for the RDC-CAR chair, who is someone not so strict on the liquidation of autonomy funds.

3.    This town official did not have a change of heart for allowing vendors to sell firecrackers in one of the major roads leading to the city on New Year’s eve.

4.    Three gambling joints operate at the back of the LT town hall and a police station but local officials and law enforcers lack evidence to close them.

5.    City Hall employees often do not listen to speeches of elected officials but do so only when the mayor announces something interesting like yearend bonuses.

6.    This feeling anointed contractor using many PCAB licenses is awarded juicy contracts by the BAC, whose chairman is a favored beneficiary of the former.

7.    This giant mall should be vigilant in chasing pickpockets that have been victimizing customers, and not only focusing its efforts against a few shoplifters.

8.    One of the outstanding citizens has distanced himself from civic projects and programs after being conferred the award that comes with great responsibility.

9.    After spending government manpower and vehicles to canvass for a party outside the province, ranking provincial officials chose the Capitol as venue.

10. An appointed office head in this province is not using the name of the governor when dealing with big-time contractors while playing golf in a posh fairway.

11. A former governor is not panicking on how to recoup the $12 million he invested for the Miss Universe but wrings the hands of those who joined the fray.

12. A ranking police officer is in hot waters and has been judged in social media for a decision that is not an accepted norm among law-abiding Cordillerans.


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