Issue of October 13, 2019
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My quick fix to fight dengue

The Department of Health and other medical experts do not promote the use of commercial mosquito repellants because of potent chemicals in those.
I made a safe, homemade, affordable, sustainable repellant to keep mosquitoes away:

Boil coconut milk until it renders oil. Remove the solids (latik) from the oil. Finely chop a P5 worth ginger and add to the hot oil. Remove from fire. You now have ginger-coco mosquito repellant. Place it individual bottles for each family member to carry around. Apply generously on exposed skin, morning, noon, and night, after baths, before going out and while asleep.

Mosquitoes will stay away from you. Mosquitoes smell blood. The smell of ginger and coconut conceals the smell of blood. Since mosquitoes do not like ginger or oil, they will not come near you.

Only female mosquitoes sucks blood to nourish their eggs. She has six almost invisible needles in her probosis (stinger) to stick into the skin of mammals and as the aedes aegypti's probosis dig into your vein for blood, one of these needles leaves the dengue virus.

Mammals exhale carbon dioxide which a mosquito instinctively gets attracted to as a blood source. Carbon dioxide is her map to get to blood. The mosquito can smell mammals from a distance away through the carbon dioxide mammals exhale.

Mosquitoes likewise love the smell of the blood under your repellant-free skin.

Electric fans also helps. The carbon dioxide you exhale is dissipated by the fan. The mosquito cannot smell carbon dioxide or blood when the fan is on.

The wind from the fan blows away the carbon dioxide that you exhale.

Mosquito cannot find you or any mammal without the guiding smell of carbon dioxide or blood. Now you know why there are no mosquitoes when the fan is on.

Other ways to avoid mosquitoes are is wearing white or light-colored clothes, long-sleeved clothes and pants and avoiding use mosquito of coils (katol). Inhaling the smoke from katol is harmful to people's health. If katol is able to kill mosquitoes, what more with people, especially children. Dispose all stagnant water It does not matter if the water is clean or not.

Lastly, sleep under mosquito nets. It may no longer be widely used today, but mosquito nets are an effective way of preventing mosquitoes from coming near us.

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