Issue of March 10, 2019
Mt. Province

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Political butterflies

One can say that politicians in our country are already immune to embarrassment and to the negative remarks thrown at them every election. We have a lot of political butterflies who change parties every now and then depending on their own interests. This is an act of disloyalty, selfishness, and dishonesty that evidently leads to a country ruled by corrupt politicians.

We have a lot of political butterflies in our country and even with this description, politicians do not seem to mind. They keep on changing their political parties clearly for their convenience. This is a rotten system that should come to an end. I suppose, even though the people are against this practice, shameless politicians will continue being thick-face and continue doing what they are used to.

Having power allows one to do things one way even if one goes to the extent of neglecting the interests of the people. Money is also embedded in our political institutions. If one has money, one can have power and sad to say, politicians abuse it. There are times when politicians are being asked about them changing party to another every election, what do they say? Whenever we ask politicians why they keep on changing their political parties every now and then, they just smile like the great pretender that they are and use excuses in their favor. They are a great humiliation to our country, and as long as they continue being political butterflies I don’t think our society will be guided accordingly.

Great politicians must be loyal to their country and sometimes that loyalty can be seen in how they stick with their political parties, even if their parties are no longer the ruling one. Seems like those politicians who worked hard to win our hearts forget who put them in power in the first place. All they do is lie and tell us flamboyant words. Our nation is in great danger just because our leaders are a breed of political butterflies working for their own advantage. We have seen what our country has become and what it will become in the future with this kind of leaders.

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