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Modern family mindset: Dawn of society’s success

On this Father’s Day, we must give tribute to the men and women who are standing as fathers in families. Having to man-up to situations and make most of the decisions is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fatherhood. Being a father is more than just working hard to put food on the table. They must also balance good relationships with their wives, children, and friends.

Our society has long placed huge standards on men and women that make it difficult for most of us to keep healthy and have well-balanced relationships. Men are expected to focus on work, causing them to rarely connect with their children. While women are expected to stay at home and focus on the children, leaving them with little to no chance to focus on their careers.

The big question is, why have we accepted gender inequality into our own homes? We are oblivious of it. It is intangible but it is heavily felt. It is rooted to things like religion and industrialization. However, we address toxic masculinity as the modern day source of gender inequality because the two aforementioned factors are untouchable. Unlike the two abovementioned causes of gender inequality in the household, toxic masculinity is a mindset and we can still change it.

Men are not the only ones who tolerate toxic masculinity, women do too. Gender equality is hard to come by when the inhabitants of the home are not willing to stray from traditional gender roles. It is a good thing that more of us are becoming forward-thinkers. This mindset helps us break away from traditional social roles.

More modern family men are not afraid to break away from traditional social roles. They are comfortable to be domesticated because their masculinity is not threatened by housework and childcare. They understand that men who are taking up these responsibilities should not be emasculated.

Men and women agreeing on splitting housework and childcare gives both parents a chance to balance family life and careers. Gender equality in the household results in happier relationships. Parents must be able to teach their young the value of housework regardless of gender.

Our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, said that young people focus on nothing more than love affairs and pleasure. Young men spend more time attempting to seduce and dishonor young women rather than using their time to think about their country’s welfare.

These were written over a century ago, but his words have never echoed so loudly until today. Rizal is right. Young lads do limit their activities to vices and their heroics to shameful acts. Young women do forget to value and respect themselves. We must remember that the young people of today will be the next handlers and mentors of the coming generation.

Children must be taught to aim high in life. Teenagers should be reminded to make right decisions and actions that are worthwhile. Eventually, our well-taught youth will grow up and we would be at ease knowing that we have nurtured a generation that will not corrupt the next ones.

Being a parent is one of the most intricate and important roles in the world. Rizal aspires a great future for all of us, we can help his visions be put into action by becoming good parents and teaching our kids properly. Furthermore, as children and students, we must always honor the degree of the hardships and sacrifices our parents go through to make sure that we are raised properly.

We must not stop evolving. Becoming forward-thinkers and fighting ignorance is the key to a more prosperous society. If we manage to incorporate this way of thinking into parenting, we will be able to cultivate successful youngsters.



Freedom. A single and simple word but it means a lot to people. It is a source of happiness and contentment.

The significance of freedom is evident in varied situations.

Our beloved land was conquered by Spaniards for almost 300 years. Those years were considered as darkest hours of our forefathers. They were like machines that were manipulated, used, and abused. Most of them were victims of injustices and cruelty. They became strangers in their own territory. There were no opportunities for them to grow economically and professionally.

Freedom is an absolute necessity. People need it to enjoy life. The absence of it will make one’s life miserable. This made our heroes unite and fight our oppressors. The independence we are enjoying today was a result of their determination, brevity, and patriotism.

The slavery and long quest for freedom during the Spanish Era supports the statement of Martin Luther King: “Freedom has always been an expensive thing. History is fit testimony to the fact that freedom is rarely gained without sacrifice and self-denial.”

This is a big challenge to the young generations. They must be wise enough and develop a sense of responsibility and nationalism and never let again the Philippines to be dominated by other nations.

Innocent prisoners also long for freedom. They need it to free themselves from biased convictions. This is really happening in our present society. Some were just victims of circumstances particularly the unfortunates ones. Some officials abuse their power and authority to protect the rich and powerful offenders in exchange of wealth and fame.

In the work place, employees must exercise their freedom of speech. This can help them voice out their opinions, ideas, and sentiments. Often times, personnel are not free to give suggestions and express their reactions. As a result, tension or gap is created that might threaten their working relationship. This can affect their performance and their organization as a whole.

Freedom from stress is also very important. Stress is a thief of joy and good health. We need to avoid it if we want to live happily and longer.

Medical experts say stress symptoms can affect our body, our thoughts and feelings and our behavior. Stress left unchecked can be a cause of health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Stress is unavoidable but we can always manage it.

Life is a matter of taking one step at a time. If tired, learn to rest and rejuvenate your energy. There is always a time or season for everything. We don’t need to rush things. All we need to do is plan prudently and act properly.

Lastly, we should free ourselves from unnecessary emotions or dramas such as anxiety, fear, depression, and anger. These are just contributory factors of discontentment and unhappiness. Let us always think positive and widen our horizons. Remember, every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Above all, we should take God as the center of our life. Indian Philosopher Rajneesh said that the “True freedom is always spiritual. It has something to do with your innermost being, which cannot be chained, handcuffed, or put into a jail.”

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