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Teaching the young

Teaching is not just about delivering the lessons. It requires the teacher to have a mastery of the lessons and must understand who the learners are.

Elementary teachers, for example, must not only focus on developing the intellect of the pupils. They should also concentrate on character development. Character development must start in this phase. A child learns to love reading at this point of his education. His participation in extra-curricular activities dictates his standing in non-academic events in the future. The approach of teachers to learning and to the learners is essential. Children view their teachers as someone who speaks the truth and someone who is to be listened to and obeyed.

Teachers must meet these expectations. They have to be models worthy of emulation so that the young learners remain respectful of them.

Children will always be children, even in the school setting. This is a truth a teacher in these grade levels cannot complain about. They are a rowdy and fun-loving bunch. This means they get noisy at times. They misbehave. So teachers must be patient. As a teacher, you can’t just go on shouting whenever students do not follow an instruction. It is necessary to encourage them from time to time. They must always hear words of inspiration. Correction must be done in a positive way. Teachers must show care and love when interacting with them.

Love of children is a big help to stay true to the cause of teaching. This means that a teacher must learn to have fun. He should laugh and play with the pupils. A good elementary teacher adopts himself to their world. He does not take things too seriously. He deals with children as learners who will become assets to society in the future. His aura radiates inspiration that gives these children a lot of reasons to wake up in the morning and be happy to go to school again.

Being a teacher in elementary or even in kindergarten is never easy at all, but it comes with the fun and beauty of being a teacher. The teacher must understand his noble job of taking care of the children by molding them in mind, body, and, heart.

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