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Unlimited Impossibilities

February was a blink. But what month is not? Now that March arrived, students start counting the days before the summer vacation. They are thrilled with the thought that classes will be over soon. I am excited about it too. However, at the moment, we are facing loads of paper work and beating tons of deadlines. These are the days when we need to accomplish clearances and follow up on students’ forms while preparing lesson logs, recording summative tests and projects, conducting remedial classes, and formulating fourth quarter exams. Amidst all these tasks, and even if the school year is coming to an end, I still find myself looking for a quote to be posted in our classroom.

“Honesty is the best policy” is already posted on top of the black board in our classroom. The Department of Education’s vision, mission, and core values are also posted in the other walls, but still, I find one of the walls empty. As I browsed the Internet for more quotes, I read one that says, “When I look at my students, I see unlimited impossibilities.”

This quote reminded me of my first day in class. I entered the classroom with almost 60 high school students. They gave me various expressions. Few were already noisy, but some of them were too quiet simply because they do not know their classmates yet. After a few weeks, I had to yell most of the time to be heard. Good attendance was only good for the first two months. After that, cutting of classes, absences, and tardiness become a concern.

With this scenario, it is impossible to see all the students pass. However, I have seen positive changes.

I recalled the two students who were absent for days. Their parents were worried since because they were not going home either. As their class adviser, I was concerned about their whereabouts. Their parents came to the school crying and asking for help. They have failed most of their subjects in the first quarter. However, they got grades as high as 90 in the other quarters.

Students are sometimes stubborn, sluggish, and playful. It is sometimes difficult to teach them the importance of education. But what happened in the past and what we see at present does not define the future. This is why I posted the abovementioned quote in our classroom. Before the school year ends, I want them to understand how I perceive them all. They surely make me yell, cry, and want to give up most of the time. Nonetheless, with proper guidance, care, and support from parents and teachers, I am sure they will be successful someday.

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