Issue of March 12, 2017
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66th Courier Anniversary Issue
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Studies first

A woman: without her, man is nothing.

A woman, without her man, is nothing.

Aside from the significant function of punctuations that the sentences point out, they are a perfect saying for women which I sometimes share to my female students. I do this not to teach them to be more dominant than the boys. Sometimes however, it’s disappointing to hear young girls always talking about love life and most of all, dealing with heartaches. It is always nice to remind them of their worth and their capabilities to build a nice place that they could call as their own.

It does not mean that when you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend at a young age, you will not reach your dreams. Many have proven that even if you enter in a relationship at a young age, you can still become successful. However, there is something good in waiting for the right time.

“Just because we don’t have a love life means that we don’t have an inspiration. For me, love life is just a hindrance and I can manage without my other half,” one of my students wrote in her journal. I was really impressed when I read this. This girl is not only a beauty and brains but also a person with a positive disposition. Her parents are blessed because she is a responsible, obedient, and selfless daughter.

Three years ago, there was also a student who told me that she will not have a boyfriend until she graduates and passes the board exam; not until she lands a good job, and she really did. As an adult who is losing faith in the ‘hope of the nation’ because of their attitude towards love, it is really awesome to find some who are not afraid at all at being different. I see these youth as wiser, more independent, and confident about their future.

We do not know what the future holds for us, but we can be the master of our fate. Whether our lifetime partner is destined to arrive earlier or later, I still wish that young girls should not rush in love. I want them to enjoy or spend time with their classmates, families, friends, and their studies, than clinging to a man.

As our parents and elders always told us to focus first on our studies, I hope that more girls will live by this mantra rather that entering to relationships that make their priorities divided and one that can steal their youth and dreams from them before they know it.

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