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The last SONA

Tomorrow, July 27, PNoy will deliver his last State of the Nation Address. In a few months he will ride into the sunset and into the pages of history. Not everything was smooth on that six-year ride along the daang matuwid. There were bitter and there were sweet moments. But like him or not, he was definitely much better than his predecessor.

That PNoy became less popular during the final stages of his term is not surprising. No president remains as popular in the end, as he was when he entered office. Even Barack Obama is now feeling the pinch.

As PNoy makes his exit, the great fear among the “bosses” he leaves behind would be whether he will be succeeded by someone better, or will it be a return to times past and business as usual.

The future may rest on two considerations. First, is the Filipino voter, and the other are the candidates. Will the Filipino vote wisely? Will they, however, be given wise choices?

* * * * * * * * * *

VP Binay decided to file a P200-million damage suit against the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Ombudsman, two senators and 10 others. Filing a P200M damage suit in court requires some P4M plus, as filing fee.

P4M only? Chicken feed.

What advantage can be derived from filing a damage suit? For one, henceforth if ever one is asked about accusations of corruption or plunder, one can always claim that the matter is sub judice (pending in court), and making comments about it is prohibited.

* * * * * * * * * *

Some weeks back, we met a friend whom we had not seen for quite some time and he asked: “Do you believe in feng shui?” We asked why, and he said: “A Chinese friend told me that whether we like it or not Jojo Binay will win as President in 2016.”

But then he also quickly added: “But they also predict that Binay will last for only two years and the Vice President will become President.”

Interesting. How about you? Do you believe in Chinese fortune tellers?

Well if they say: “Someday the whole of the West Philippine Sea shall belong to China,” maybe we should believe.

If you can convince the other presidential aspirants to believe the prediction about an abbreviated Binay presidency, then maybe the real battle should be for the Vice Presidency. Remember that under the Constitution, if the Vice President who succeeds as President does not serve for more than four years he/she can still run for President in the next election.

Maybe Chiz “the Whiz” knows something we do not know. And that is why he is eyeing the Vice Presidency. Which is not strange. In the 2010 elections, even if he was part of the Liberal Party coalition, he advocated a “NoyBi” ticket and junked Mar Roxas. Maybe the combination in 2016 will be “BiChiz” with a presidential partner getting junked in favor of the sure, but short-lived winner. Will we eventually get to see a Pres. Chiz?

* * * * * * * * * *

Bob Arum, the promoter of Manny Pacquiao has, in exasperation, severely criticized his own fighter because Pacquiao has refused to go to the U.S. for the scheduled rehab of his injured shoulder. Arum has even gone to the extent of saying that by neglecting his rehab, Pacquiao has proven to be “unprofessional.”

Manny has replied that there is nothing to worry about because he is “doing his own rehab.” Maybe Arum does not know the DIY Filipino way. Arum obviously has not heard of the hilot, the arbolaryo, mangngagas and other native Filipino healing or faith healing techniques.

When we were younger, many people in Baguio knew about “doctor Laway.” He would hold court at the city market and cure all assortment of illness by simply wiping his saliva on his patient. Those who believed were cured. And the beauty of it all was it was for free. You can give whatever you want or none at all.

Arum should give these native cures a try. They are definitely cheaper than the sophisticated rehabs that they give in the U.S.

In the Ilocos we also often resort to the tandok for many kinds of conditions. Lately however the City of San Fernando, L.U., under Ordinance 053-2014, has officially prohibited tandok as a cure for dogbite.

Rabies is not “tandokable”?

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