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UP finally wins!

Perhaps the people around the President are at it again. For the longest time, PNoy was against constitutional amendments, particularly term extensions, and most especially his own term as President.

Lately he has been quoted as saying he is now open to the idea of term extension. That concept was soundly rejected under Pres. Ramos and GMA. Are the President’s men afraid that they would lose their jobs or perhaps face criminal cases after 2016 when they leave Malacañang?

The President, who could have handily argued for a term extension, if she wanted to, was the popular Cory. But she quickly rejected the idea and eagerly stepped out of office and into private life when her term expired. That is what is also provided for in her own Cory Constitution.

It would be a shame if PNoy cannot resist the temptation of the whispers in his ears on term extension. That will undo what he has managed to build in the last four years. Indeed it is difficult to find a successor for PNoy. But that is no excuse to tamper with the Constitution of his mother. Especially for a selfish reason like term extension, and not on the flimsy and transparent pretense that the powers of the Supreme Court must be curbed.

* * * * * * * * * *

Finally, my alma mater’s basketball team won in the UAAP. Last week, the UP Maroons won their first victory after a two-year drought. The last time we won was in 2012 or 720 days ago. It was our first win after 27 straight losses. UP defeated the Adamson U Falcons with a score of 77-64.

There are several 7s in that victory. The score was 77-64, after 27 losses and after 720 days since we last won.

UP held a bonfire immediately after the victory. It is as if we won the championship. That was how it felt anyway. We were even surprised that we won, since we have already become so accustomed to losing.

We would have wanted to be there but the bonfire was done even before we could go down to Manila. Who knows, it may take another two years before we win another game. If we start collecting firewood now, we will have a mountain for the bonfire two years from now.

Why do we not excel in athletics? That’s because we are better known for our brains, not brawn. Heheheh. That, at least, is how we console ourselves.

Go, go, go, Maroons! Winning is not everything, but can we not do it more often than once every two years?

* * * * * * * * * *

While UP does not win championships in basketball, we are however champions in the cheer-dance competitions. UP was the UAAP Cheer Dance champion in 2011 and 2012.

Basta kinnantyaw dayta ti paglaingan mi.

* * * * * * * * * *

At last, the favorite general and “poster boy” of former Pres. GMA has been arrested. Ret. Gen. Jovito Palparan, GMA’s model of the law, ran and hid from the law after he was ordered arrested for two counts of kidnapping and serious illegal detention. It’s the typical picture of the touted law enforcer running afoul of the law and does not want to voluntarily become subject to it. They realize after they retire that they are not above the law after all.

Palparan was arrested by operatives of the NBI and the Naval Intelligence Group of the AFP three years after he went into hiding. Video footages showed him being questioned after his arrest by NBI Assistant Director Ric Pangan. Ric is a Baguio boy. Congrats! Job well done.

The government assures that Palparan will be treated fairly and humanely. That is more than the treatment given to many of those arrested or detained during Palparan’s heydays as the alleged “Butcher.”

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