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Abused child and overweight

Dear Manang,

My neighbor stresses me out when I see her hurt her child. I have yet to see a day when the child is not verbally and physically abused. There are three children, the eldest at nine years old looks after his siblings, six and four, when the mother goes off to do menial jobs. The children fend for themselves while she is gone. But there is only anger and hate in the mother and the child is scratched and pushed and pulled in front of everyone for doing wrong. I wonder if this should be reported to the Department of Social Welfare and Development? Her husband seems to have abandoned them. Should I report it?

Dina-- Chapis Village, Baguio City

Dear Dina,

God says to be a good neighbor and to care for one another. Sometimes, we need to talk to someone to find out why some things happen. Have you bothered to listen to your neighbor? Sometimes all we need to ask someone is, “How are you?” This opens the light in a mind and heart of a person. This is the most basic of psychological first aid questions and will begin the processing of the person’s thoughts and feelings. The most important task is to listen. As for the child, you must ask if they have relatives because the DSWD will take the child away in the meantime but will return the child to the parents again after some time. Those children are predisposed to become the next wife beaters and child offenders in the future simply because they haven’t been hugged or loved. The beatings have become normal to the child and will be their way of treating others. They must find kinder growing-up environments.

Lend an ear first,

Dear Manang,

I am 30 and I struggle with 15 kilos over my ideal weight. I keep gaining weight each year instead of losing it after each diet. I know chips and soft drinks are the worst combination in my daily habits but as the diets remove them, I eat more. Rice is a must for me too. I don’t eat vegetables, ever. So, you are another desperate trial to my yearly New Year resolution to drop the kilos. Have you heard of any diets with eat all you can but lose weight?br>
Crunchy--Queen of Apostles, Baguio City

Dear Crunchy,

We all want an eat all you can diet! I too love the crunchy snacks! We make perfect foodie partners! But guess what, I think this latest diet makes sense. Swedish Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt and Dr. Jason Fung talk about the 16/8 or intermittent fasting. This diet supports a 16-hour fast or no food intake and eight - hour eating time. I have been on this diet for a month now and I have lost three kilos. Although this diet recommends low carb and high fat meals, eating a little carbs isn’t bad, but just make sure you eat less than a cup. According to experts, this feeding schedule has also improved other medical issues. If you finish dinner at 7 p.m., then count 16 hours of no food, your next meal should be at 11 a.m., which means that you have missed breakfast and taken lunch early. Then dinner is the next meal. Try to discipline yourself and drink water or coffee in between to suppress the hunger. Let me know how you fared.

Fast means quick loss,


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