Issue of October 14, 2018

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Break up and drop out

Dear Manang,

I don’t believe in break-ups. I want to fight it out and make it work. I don’t believe in the word “no.” My girlfriend wants to break-up, she said she is too tired of the struggle to understand me and my lack of the drive to make things better. Just like in the movies, she thinks life shouldn’t be so difficult. I have half the mind to drop it all. -- Juan, New Lucban, Baguio City

Dear Juan,

You just contradicted your resolve and non-belief in break ups. Indeed, when life is just one big struggle, we convince our self that life should be sweet and easy. But life is one continuous struggle and to succeed in something is the sweetest reward of life. Maybe your girl just needs some attention and praise. Don’t be stingy with praise and appreciation. Sometimes a simple thank you is enough. Yes, to overcome the struggle will make the future sweeter and better understood. Try it.

Squeeze her hand some,


Dear Manang,

College is tough and useless. It is tough because I have a lot of requirements and useless because I seem to be studying what I studied in high school all over again. I am good with computers and actually already have a job doing some digital designing. Can you please tell my mother it is okay to drop out of college? -- Inday, Bonifacio St.

Dear Inday,

To some parents, a college education is the greatest gift they can give their children. I know and understand your mother when she nags you about finishing school. A degree ensures your rise in the ranks although you are correct when you say work is at hand with or without a degree if you have talents or skills. As a young millennial, you stay at a job while it interests you. This is good but if you want a career, you must finish a degree and take postgraduate studies. So, I vote stay in school. Studying and working can work side-by-side. Stay in school.



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