Issue of May 13, 2018

70th Courier Anniversary Issue
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Gossip and husband’s resignation

Dear Manang,

It is so terrible when people gossip about anyone. How can people talk much less put gossip on social media that tend to ruin another person’s reputation? Many of these things placed on Facebook in particular must be verified first. How can we check malicious information or report it? It must end or if someone gets angry enough, something might happen to the person posting these gossip items.

Wayne -- San Carlos Heights, Baguio City

Dear Wayne,

Gossip is the bane of daily life. It is not exclusive to our culture but common to others too. In America, when nasty news gets out about a person, a politician or a government employee or official, it is usually guaranteed to be accurate and the person involved resigns.

In Japan, when honor is disgraced, one commits harakiri or disembowelment. In the Philippines, we have double standards and honor is expendable. Well, I have heard of mysterious deaths of rumormongers. One way is to report a post on FB as annoying or objectionable. Tap on the three dots on the right side of the post and look for give feedback on this post. Tap on your feedback. Keep on doing it to the posts of the person and eventually the person is blocked on FB.

Give your feedback,


Dear Manang,

I want my husband to resign from his job and help me with our son. Is this too much for me to ask if he loves me? He really doesn’t have to work because they are rich and he is the youngest child.

Lovely -- Yangco Road, Baguio City

Dear Lovely,

You are unbelievable! Hire a dozen helpers if you must to help you with your son but why make your husband stop working even if he is rich? Love has nothing to do with it but it is your husband’s self worth. If he is rich but works, it means that his parents have taught him well. If they are into business, your husband has business acumen and is an asset to the family business. What is wrong with your priorities? Some rich boys have Peter Pan syndromes and never grow up but you are blessed with a driven man. I am angry at you. Wake up girl! You should be happy and content to just be a mother to your child while other wives are working their butts off while their husbands drink at the corner store and regale their friends with stories of fictional exploits.

Appreciate your blessings,


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