Issue of March 4, 2018
Mt. Province

Panagbenga Flower Festival
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Bullies and cheating

Dear Manang,

Is there a surge of bullies in town? My son was being provoked by a group of high school boys to a fight when they slapped him, as he was waiting for the traffic lights to change. It must have been by fate that I witnessed it and ran to my son’s side. As one boy was about to kick him, I caught his leg and pushed him away. They scuttled away. When I asked my son why the boy attacked him, he said he didn’t know why. It doesn’t seem to be safe anymore. How do we protect our kids?

Anton -- Laubach Rd., Baguio City

Dear Anton,

Gangs and cliques have tripled. Initiations seem to require violent behavior or actions that harm other people. This is the obvious cause of violence in the streets. Can we even imagine what happens when we’re not around? The best is still to equip our children with skills in martial arts. We also call on the police to prevent these incidents, particularly during dismissal time. Otherwise, you need to pick them up after school.

Equip him,


Dear Manang,

I caught my student cheating. This student was leading her class but when I saw this, I wanted to take the honors for the first place away. I believe intelligence is both in body and spirit. Should I take the honors away?

Teacher Au -- Happy Glen, Baguio City

Dear Au,

I believe that intelligence is wasted without integrity. If other students see her receive her award, they might say that she is a hoax and you too will no longer be credible. It is right to take it away because in principle, she doesn’t deserve the award. But likewise, make sure that you have evidence to it. Integrity is most important.

Honor first,


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