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Overweight and respect for elders

Dear Manang,

I am overweight. I love eating and I know it isn’t good for me. I have tried all sorts of diets, only to binge after I lose five pounds. Then I gain it back in a few days and add a few more. I keep excusing myself because of big bones and metabolism slowing down, and I am in my 30s. Do you think there is hope for me to lose weight?

Sam -- DPS, Baguio City

Dear Sam,

Of course there is always hope for things that we want to achieve but it takes tons and loads of discipline. I too have tried many diets like the Mayo Diet that restrict carbohydrates and allows you to eat two eggs for breakfast with meat and meat and veggies for lunch and dinner. It worked but didn’t last because I just indulged on breads and rice on cheat days. But there is one diet that I believe in that is guaranteed to work. It’s called the John Travolta diet, which is simply; eat half of what you eat. For a week or two reduce rice intake and viands in half. I am sure you will lose weight without missing out on your favorites. Then the following two weeks reduce it again to half portions. When your stomach shrinks, you will feel full with less food intake. It’s worth a try! Let me know if you make it work. Well, exercise helps too to tighten the skin.

Keep focused,


Dear Manang,

Is it just me who noticed how children and young adults have no respect for older people? In the jeep, unless they are asked to move, they don’t budge when an older person rides. On the street, they have lost their courtesy. They don’t mind what’s going on around them because they have earphones on. They don’t help or offer to help other people. They even bump elders while walking. Is it our lack of disciplining them or reminding them? I am so disappointed in them. I can imagine this world will be full of rude people in the future.

Minda -- Brookside, Baguio City

Dear Minda,

I blame it on the absence of the Scouting movement. As children, we enjoyed membership in the Boy’s and Girl’s Scouts of the Philippines. Imprinted in my mind to this date is the picture of the Scout helping the elders cross the street. I believe that the kindness and helpfulness instilled by the Scouting activities have vanished into token memberships. My children just march with their uniforms each school year as an activity and have camps in classrooms. But I have yet to see their acts of citizenship. I wish that the Scouting activities be restored in elementary and high schools if only to bring back kindness and helpfulness in our young people. We are too busy filling their brains but have forgotten to give them hearts.

Let’s teach them,


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