Issue of July 15, 2018
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Mindfulness and job abroad

Dear Manang,

My father and mother complain and nag me all the time about my cellphone which I bought with money I earned from my online business of selling little items I also see online or things a friend passes to me to sell. I don’t understand why they still nag me when I earn my own money through my phone. I want them to stop.

Jansh- Happy Hallow, Baguio City

Dear Jansh,

Praise the Lord for children who have found good use for modern technology. It is great that you earn and put your money in things that your parents couldn’t afford. But modern technology has stopped human person-to-person interaction. This valuable verbal interchange is important and in part a quality called mindfulness. The cellphone generation lacks this quality of awareness of people around them and the needs of others. A simple greeting or a hug or a little sharing of what you read or see is all that it takes to make them stop nagging. But you must do these things before they nag. You have the power to make them stop. Be mindful not only of parents and family but also everyone around you.

Say hello,


Dear Manang,

I want to go abroad. I want to build my house and buy my car. I want my parents to rest because they just keep on working. What kind of course should I take? What track in Junior and Senior High School is best for me?

Bugs-- Upper Quarry, Baguio City

Dear Bugs,

What a wide world you have before you. But do you know that it is your interest that you must harness so you can find a good job? The education you will get in grades 11 and 12 will give you that advantage to be able to hone your skills for good work. All the skills are important for work abroad. Do you like helping people? Caregiving, nursing, and other health skills are important but love the work and skill before studying it further. This will guarantee the joy and satisfaction in your job here or abroad. You must enjoy tinkering with the computer or even the electronic devices to be good at computer science. Don’t study it because it will give you work abroad. Education should prepare you to be the best in your interest. This makes you a happy and competent worker here or abroad and helps you build your skill.

Harness your best skill,


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