Issue of January 7, 2018

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Mr. Too Perfect and Contrapelo

Dear Manang,

Is it possible to meet someone who is too perfect for you? I have a live-in partner who is 10 years my junior. We have been together for four years now. We have compatible lives in that we enjoy many things together. But of late, he has been wanting of a child that I cannot give him because I had a hysterectomy at 25. This was not a secret. He had become possessive too, which should flatter me. But I think that he deserves someone better than me, after all he is still young. Will it be foolish to let go?

Tina of Brookside, Baguio City

Dear Tina,

If I were a guy, I wouldn’t let you go because you sound perfect too. I think I know what runs through your mind, the age gap. The age does show but hey! Look at French President Emmanuel Macron, his wife is 25 years older and was a former drama teacher. Indeed, your wrinkles will show earlier but seldom do couples have good chemistry like you and this is enough to rise above it. Children can be adopted too to fill in the gap. But don’t punish yourself for the rest of your life because you are barren. Mr. Perfect can be a good memory while it lasts than Mr. Infidel after a time. I will agree with your fears and letting go is being magnanimous.

Set him free,


Dear Manang,

I am a Gemini and I’m living with a Scorpio. The zodiac has the air sign incompatible with the water sign but I am willfully trying to disprove the universe. But try as I may, I don’t understand why some Scorpios can be such masochists. I feel like eating sinigang but he will decide to order a pizza. When I like pizza, he decides to eat sinigang at another restaurant. He works for 48 hours straight instead of resting and getting refreshed and completing the task in a shorter time. He falls asleep on the computer desk anyway and the work takes longer. When I try to explain it to him, he just ignores me. My heart feels heavy because our days are filled with contradictions. It seems like we just pull each other in opposite directions.

Cynthia of Happy Homes, Old Lucban, Baguio City

Dear Cynthia,

You don’t need my advice, I think you psychoanalyzed yourself. It is not like you to self-flagellate. You don’t thrive in pain as a Gemini. Face it, seldom will there be times when you will automatically agree on something. Before you get into a relationship, consult the universe of zodiac signs. It may be wrong sometimes but often, it is true. Even with regular relationships in families or work places, consulting the zodiac compatibilities can explain the frictions or the good vibes. I can’t believe I am such a pessimist in this edition of my column. Take flight! Look for bliss and not chaos!

Be happy,


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