Issue of September 10, 2017
Mt. Province

69th Courier Anniversary Issue
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Of nagging parent and virginity

Dear Manang,

I believe that mothers should nag their children if we want them to grow up and become responsible. My children are in their 30s but I still feel that they need my advice, so I constantly call and text them, to remind them. Recently, my daughter hurt my feelings when she said I am difficult to love. Is this an effect of my concern for them?

Mama Mia, Dagupan

Dear Madre Mia,

That’s a wakeup call, Madre Mia! Have you not learned from examples in movies or telenovelas how hateful nagging parents are? Did you think that you are not like them? Are you the exception? I am sure that your children avoid you in the house and dining room, if they haven’t left your house yet. You are a control freak. They’re adults, not kids. I hope you don’t include your litany of their spouses not being good enough or how much you spent on this and that or even the list of how your child is not as good as the other. Dear God, you are difficult to love. Stop it right now. You might lose the grand kids too. Be easy to love by appreciating more than nagging.

Be nice and sweet,


Dear Manang,

I am 27 and still a virgin. I am Catholic and know I should be a virgin for my husband. My friends laugh at me because they say it will be difficult to find a man who will be a virgin too on our wedding day. I have many suitors but no boyfriend because I don’t want to ask if he has the same beliefs.

Virgin Cherry, Palma St.

Dear Virgin,

Faith is our relationship with God. If you offer yourself to God, I am sure He has Mr. Virgin for you somewhere waiting. Besides, the Latter Day Saints believe in virginity too. Don’t panic at 27 because even at 42, God can give you a child if it is His will. God bless you for keeping the faith. Let the non-virgins keep their definition of love.

God bless you,


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