Issue of June 18, 2017

Plus Juan
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Coping with boredom at the workplace

Dear Manang,

I am a middle aged man and I am bored or I get bored at the office. What can I do?

Bored Steve of Jungletown, Baguio

Dear Steve,

Oh my! Do you work for the government? There are a lot of people who get bored working in government although the queues are long. This is a serious problem.

The antidote to boredom is change jobs. This is what millennials do; just submit your resignation because you will not help the organization grow with this attitude.

But you say you are middle-aged man, this boredom is of other roots. I know this lady who bakes and gives her mundane task of baking cakes an upbeat through classical music. Have you tried using music to give yourself some pacing and tempo? I do this too, if I don’t have the TV on while I work.

There is also the chance to look for something new in your job each day and find solutions or other angles to it. We can look at a rose and see its thorns or look at the rose and see the color and velvet texture of the petals. I am sure there are many positive things to see in a job but you must use a new pair of eyes each day. This is actually why God gave us our eyes and other senses, to be used in many ways. Besides, if you did this you would be a solution seeker instead of the problem in your organization. Hmmm. This would work wonders for our city!

Be inspired!


Dear Manang,

Should I love the man who loves me or should I love the one I love?

Picky Lady

Dear Picky Lady,

How many women would be so blessed to wear your Cinderella shoes. The man in shining armor or Prince Charming would be so thrilled to get your “yes;” after all he is all out to please you. Yet, you choose this one who is the apple of your eye.

There is nothing more fiery and passionate than love that burns for someone we love or like a lot. That tingling sensation when one sees or hears him or in contemporary times gets a text message from him, has no words to describe it. It is just a joy that overflows in your heart. But it is also the fall in falling in love with a superlative bang when it is betrayed or disappointed. The bloody knees are hard to heal.

Yet, there is this love that flows towards you from one who loves you that you can allow to grow. This love will not hurt or harm you, most often because it is this kind of love that nurtures and protects you. This love is supposed to be tops in all lists.

Foolish heart rules. Unless you are the smart heart. Still your choice.

Choose well.


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