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Meet Pete, the energy healer
Stella Maria L. de Guia
Call it energy, bioplasmic, pranic or chakra healing, Pete de Jesus is the expert and the man to call. Pete is an independent practitioner. He is an energy healer, a trainer with more than 31 years of experience in the field.

Pete with his beautiful wife Zeny, his first patient.

It all started when he was reading books of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. He was “the founder, the teacher, the author, the healer, the scientist, the businessman, and was a philanthropist” from Cebu City. In 1988, his wife Zeny had a heart ailment and so became his first patient. When Zeny got better, Pete started to treat other patients who wanted energy healing.

Master Choa heard about this healer from Baguio and looked for him. He became his student and trained under him in Quezon City for six months and a year and a half in Makati. He then moved back to Baguio. During his time, he had several breakthroughs, insights and discoveries.

“I found out during my healing methods that a thorough cleansing of the chakra was a factor in energy healing. Once the chakra cleansing is thorough, the body has the capacity to heal itself,” says Pete.

Pete de Jesus, the energy healer.

Chakras are the energy wheels in our bodies or whirling energy centers which are important parts of the energy body. According to the book of Master Choa on “Miracles through Pranic Healing” there are 11 chakras from head to foot namely basic chakra, sex chakra, meng mei chakra, navel chakra, spleen chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, ajna chakra, forehead chakra, and crown chakra.

And though there are many pranic healers in Baguio, I tend to call on Pete. I first met Pete in 2004 during his visit to the Baguio Museum to administer energy healing on tita Leonie (Leonora San Agustin). I heard about pranic healing through Faith Sawey when I took lessons in pranic healing in 2002, so I knew it was scientific.

My experience with energy healing has helped me lot in my healing process. I call on Pete to give me distance healing when I have low energy or when I feel something is wrong. This is of course dovetailed with seeing my doctor and asking God for healing. God is the Supreme physician after all. There are many more very interesting things to discuss about energy healing.

For more information, please call Pete de Jesus at 09774274071 or 09988641223. More next time.

Pete with a patient in his energy healing clinic in La Trinidad, Benguet.


The newest joint in town: House of Chops
Nonette Bennett
Newly opened House of Chops could be the best hang -out for a foodie family with a huge appetite. USDA beef and pork lovers will enjoy the “family meal deals” that feed two to three hearty eaters or even six medium fussers. They pride themselves as the family style serving place.

Firewood-oven slow roasted U.S.beef belly slabs with peppercorn gravy orcrackling pork belly roast with miso butter are served with one vegetable and rice. Meant to melt the hardcore carnivore craving, the slab of meat is more or less 500 grams with a medium sized bowl of rice (three cups) and a small bowl of veggies to choose from parmesan creamed corn and spinach; green beans and ham; mashed potatoes or buttered vegetables.

Blessing of House of Chops with family members in attendance on  October 30.

Rice is served in different ways too: steamed; mushroom rice pilaf; Spanish rice or cheesy broccoli rice.

The crackling pork skin was truly crispy and the beef belly melted in the mouth. The meats were savory and cooked with spices that only owners Atoy and Chay Tayag will know from nine years of catering services. Chay says she planned the menu of House of Chops from family favorites and best sellers. The Tayag family members pride themselves of a string of restaurants owned in Pampanga, the most famous being Bale Dutung owned by chef Claude Tayag.

Chay, Atoy, Ada, and Nacho pose for photos after Chay blows her birthday candle at the opening of House of Chops on October 30.

Everything served in succession during the opening on Oct. 30 (also Chay’s birthday) were delicious. Starting with the flatbread and the House Salad, one flatbread was made of pepperoni and mushroom and another made with four cheeses. They are perfect matches to the food served heresays Chay and are exclusive to the Baguio branch. It is also best baked in a wood firedoven.

The House Salad was a surprise with kale, romaine, cherry tomatoes, carrots, and cranberry raisins served with strawberry dressing. According to her, all the veggies are sourced from the Baguio market. The cajun chicken pasta Alfredo was next. This pasta dish was creamy and blended well with the salad. The crackling pork belly roast was next as the main dish with veggies and rice. It was perfect but too large for six small portion eaters.

Shrimp and grits make a creamy seafood and corn dish with a lemon twist.

Before we ate up the pork came the skillet chicken and potatoes. Served in a skillet, this chicken dish was meant to be eaten with marble potatoes less the rice. Then the shrimp and grits arrived with the slow roasted beef belly with rice and parmesan creamed corn and spinach on the side. The shrimp with the creamy corn grits was divine. A different texture to the fatty and tender meats.

House salad uses kale, cherry tomatoes, romaine, carrots, turnips, craisins and strawberry dressing.

At this point, six eaters were too full to enjoy the last chops of beef. To cap the meal were: apple crumble, midnight dark choco cake and strawberry cheesecake. The apple crumble was almost like a crusty apple pie in a ball with crumbs. Not like other apple crumbles that are too sweet, this was buttery and flaky like a cookie and the tarty green apples inside cut in chunks instead of slices. The cheesecakes were awesome too, not too sweet.

Apple crumble is like a crisp and flaky cookie with apple chunks inside.

This is a totally different foodie experience that can’t be attached to familiar cuisine. It has a different presentation and the flavors vary from one dish to the other.

Slow roasted US beef belly with peppercorn gravy, a bowl of mushroom rice pilaf and parmesan creamed corn are family meal deals to include drinks.

House of Chops is located at Outlook Drive where parking abounds. Eating here is not recommended for singles. Enjoy the food as a family because it is prepared in family style.

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