Issue of September 10, 2017
Mt. Province

69th Courier Anniversary Issue
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It’s about time that this beautiful archipelago starts celebrating its triumphs or victories. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with commemorating defeats like the Fall of Bataan, Fall of Corregidor and other “falls” since they are part of history. But the nation’s victories are part of history as well and should equally be observed.

Just like the propensity to commemorate the death anniversaries of our beloved heroes like Jose Rizal and others. Again, there is nothing wrong with this but why not also celebrate their birth anniversaries? Shouldn’t we be happy that they were born in the first place? Just asking.

This Ibaloy writer is elated to note that Baguio recently celebrated Victory Day or the signing of the instrument of surrender by General Tomoyuki Yamashita at Camp John Hay in 1945.

The celebration is in line with a city council resolution institutionalizing the observance of Victory Day in the city.

FYI: The city’s celebration of the 2017 National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation and White Cane Safety Week culminated in a simple but meaningful program held recently at SM Baguio with the theme, “Karapatan at pribilehiyo ng may kapansanan, isakatuparan at ipaglaban.”

The guest speaker was Jill Malingan of the Persons With Disabilities Affairs Office (PDAO) in La Trinidad, Benguet. Liza Bulayungan and Rowena Bagnas also delivered messages on behalf of City Social Welfare and Development Officer Betty Fangasan and Councilor Arthur Allad-iw, respectively.

In her message, Malingan encouraged local officials to create the city’s own PDAO whose functions include helping authorities in crafting policies and strategies that would benefit individuals with special needs, among others.

The three speakers expressed their hopes that the local government and concerned agencies together with other sectors will continue to work together for the protection of the rights not only of those with disabilities but of everyone.

Officials led by Mayor Mauricio Domogan, Rep. Mark Go and Vice Mayor Edison Bilog have often stressed that Baguio does not tolerate discrimination of any kind and that everyone is treated equally.

Among the activities conducted were an eco-tour, sportsfest, talent contests, advocacy on disability awareness in various barangays, dental care, exhibit of products by PWDs and a forum on the Magna Carta for PWDs. Cheers!

We’re on TV, every other Tuesday, 4:00 p.m., over SkyCable with Vladimir Cayabas, on radio, Wednesdays, 8:00 a.m., over DZEQ Radyo ng Bayan and K-Lite 96.7 FM with Hillary Johnson, Wednesdays, 8:00 a.m., and report over other local radio stations when needed. Visit the Public Information Office at City Hall for assistance or call 442-2502. It’s more fun and cooler in Baguio!

Here’s “The Dream” by David Ignatow: “Someone approaches to say his life is ruined/ and to fall down at your feet/ and pound his head upon the sidewalk./ Blood spreads in a puddle./ And you, in a weak voice, plead/ with those nearby for help;/ your life takes on his desperation./ He keeps pounding his head./ It is you who are fated;/ and you fall down beside him./ It is then you are awakened,/ the body gone, the blood washed from the ground,/ the stores lit up with their goods.”

Until next week and may Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless and keep us all safe.

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