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Impeach her

No one in his right mind can comprehend what the Vice President was thinking when she read a prepared statement addressed to the European Union deploring the alleged extra-judicial killings happening in our country. No one in his proper senses can understand what on earth that was for. It was such a damaging blow to the image of the Philippines. To think it was orchestrated by the second highest official of the land makes it all the more despicable.

Granted that what she alleged in her speech has a ring of truth into it, what good will it do? Surely, the European Union, the United Nations, or the United States of America or any other foreign country, for that matter, does not have the power or the authority to intervene in such a purely domestic affair. If, truly, there is such an animal called “palit-ulo” being unleashed by the Philippine National Police, this problem is an internal one which calls for an internal solution. Leni Robredo has no business calling out to the world for help by washing her “dirty linens” in public. It is embarrassing.

Now, the world looks upon the Philippines as a dangerous nation, a nation of assassins whose people cancel out each other upon the instigation of its own President. This, of course, is unfair and untrue. It is also very insulting and very degrading. Robredo’s misplaced candor has tarnished the image not only of our leaders, but, all Filipinos, as well. Instead of protecting and promoting the image of her people, the Vice President did just the opposite. The violated the trust and confidence reposed on her.

She insists she did it out of patriotism. Her spokesperson claims that she had to do it to let everyone know the true state of affairs that is happening in our country. She invokes the alleged complaints made to her by the victims of the EJK and police abuses to justify her speech. Yet, the question begging to be answered is that: Was it necessary to draw into the fray foreign correspondents and foreign diplomats? Was it advisable for her to address her “sumbong” to other sovereign authorities who are neither in a position nor authority to remedy the situation? In the first place, does she have any alternative proposals that will effectively eradicate the pervasive problem of drugs that is gnawing and eroding the moral fiber of our society?

If what she wanted to obtain is sympathy, she could have availed of the proper channels for her grievance to be heard. She could have sought a dialogue with the secretaries of the departments of Justice and Local Government. This would have averted any wrong notion about the country’s campaign against illegal drugs and the embarrassment of being portrayed of having a brutal leader. It would have spared us the trouble of having to suffer more economic sanctions that will deprive our coffers of the badly needed funds to rehabilitate the very persons who Robredo spoke of being victims.

The Vice President very well knows that President Duterte has already shunned all overtures from the leaders of United States of America, the European Union, and the United Nations of any attempt to dictate on the terms and conditions of his war on drugs. As the second highest official in the land, it is her responsibility and duty to see to it that the programs of the government will succeed. It is her obligation to protect the best interest of her people and not the other way around. By going international, she only stirred a hornet’s nest that will create a crisis in the manner by which our officials can effectively deal with criminality.

It leads us to believe that Robredo and her LP party mates have an agenda to replace the duly constituted President. Just when she was exculpated of any blame in the ouster movement, she reinforced our fears that there might be truth to what the administration had been saying all along that there is a motive to oust Duterte.

Thus, it is but proper that she should be impeached. She must be held accountable for this unfounded and uncalled for statement that is directly an affront to our independence.

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