Issue of September 19, 2021
Mt. Province

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To ‘run’.. Or not to run?

YES, THAT IS the big question now many ‘potential’ leaders are asking themselves; and the more ‘gregarious’ ones among them: they as well ask the opinions and/or suggestions of their close ones – and others, on that big question aforesaid.

[NOTE: WE DID not entitle it: to ‘file’.. or not to file?; this is because there are those who file with impending zeal at first.. but later on, slacken in interest, self-emphasis, or other ‘go-for-win’ initiatives. Some.. they subsequently ‘withdraw’ their candidacies; or else, make endorsements ‘in-favour’ of other ‘winnable’ aspirants.. according to their ‘tendencies’, you know. So

[‘RUN’, NOT ‘FILE’. ‘Run’ – meaning: file, and then follow-up strategies; then, the Campaign Period, until: Election Day itself; and the later Counting of Votes; and finalément: the Proclamation of Winners.

[SINCE FURTHER, THE ‘Elections’ per se is an age-old, traditional practice amongst nations of the world, let us focus our Discussion today on how this obtains or fructifies in the ‘local’ scenes; especially – in our own specific ‘version(s)’ in ‘these Heights’, or ditoy Kabanbantayan]. So, again:

HOW DOES THE individual hereabouts, approach, go-hands-about, and resolve – for himself and for his supporters, the Question: Shall I ‘run’.. or shall I not?

FIRST, HIS INITIAL ‘Considerations’, like: relatives, voting friends and/or supporters, and ‘logistics’. Expressed and self-simplified into Questions: 1.1 How many of my relatives will really go for me?, 1.2 Who are my non-relatives (or ‘friends’) who are committing to help me ‘make it through’ Election Day?, 1.3 Do I have the necessary logistics to use, e.g. vehicles, on-field runners or messengers, [even] cash for the basic (and beyond) expenditures?

THE ‘FAVOURABLE’ ANSWERS to Qs 1.1, 1.2, 1.2, should encourage the would-be ‘aspirant’; but

SECOND TO CONSIDER is to satisfactorily ‘meet even’ with – Patas, these Questions, to wit: 2.1 Who is my archrival – or ‘most formidable’ opponent? Or (if more than one), amongst us all candidates? 2.2. Do I have a chance to supersede him/her somewhere – in the facteurs given? He/she – and their ‘core group’ members too, ponder: Mebdin ngata? (Transl: “Is it possible?”); or even a: Kayam tungbaen ngata si Candidate X? (Transl: “You can overcome [cause/let-fall] Candidate X?”).

THIRD [AND TRULY ‘unique’, you might say in ‘these Heights’], is the vital-as-well, kaseppulan met laeng, Question: “What do the omens say?”

THESE TIMES – OR before Filing Day (or even before this time yet), the ‘aspirants’ and their advisers are watchful of Omens. They seek to find answers to queries like:

3.1 WHAT DREAMS (OR ‘Visions’) constantly visit, or haunt you in the Night (or Day)?; 3.2 Did you receive in your dreams some ‘gifts unlikely’ e.g. a basket of ripe, red peppers, a horde of local frogs, tingey, following you? et cetera, 3.3 Have you already consulted some Elders, Diviners, Prayermen or Mambunongs, etc., re-your dreams, omens, and ‘signs’ – lately shown you?

THESE CONSIDERATIONS – THE First, Second, and Third, afore-discussed, plus other personal reasons and the whys-and-wherefores the now ‘touched’, ‘ignited’, or ‘incensed’ – aman atihnan, candidate or leader-potential seriously and itemizedly analyzes; then, when decided, he declares: “Yes! I’ll run!”/ Owen! man run ak! Ayuhh kha!

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