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Who really can ‘pulsebeat’ with us?

RENDERED IN NABALOI, our title would have read: Sifa’y talakhan wara’y pegpeg to son si-kami?

THE KEYWORD IN the statement is Pegpeg, literally meaning: ‘Heartbeat’. And how does this obtain? We thus instancify:

WHEN A LITTLE girl comes infront of you – standing as you are, then, she loudly cries.. You look around, and there’s nobody.. your senses ‘hold’ you, and

YOU’RE ANGRY.. “WHO’S the soul-less one who left this little gi:l?”, you heard yourself saying. Then, seconds more and

YOU’RE SEIZED (!) WITH Pegpeg.. you kneel down, you pick her up and say somethings like: “Hush, now little one, hush.. please?” [But, the crying does not subside; you try a:] “Don’t worry we’ll find your mommy; hush now, hush”. “Let’s find your dad and mom..” [Now, you’re taken aback: the little girl can’t speak yet, she’s much helpless than you thought.. So, you straightened yourself up, and said]:

“YES, WE’LL FIND them, come.. I’m your uncle Thomas; don’t worry.. we’ll find your mom and dad.. hush now..” [And ‘little-girl’ understood you somewhat, and her crying stopped.. and you smiled at her; but she’s not smiling yet.].. Both of you were ‘sobered’ by the Pegpeg.. the feeling unscathed direct from the heart and mind! Suffice may our illustration be, we come now to some specific applications of the Pegpeg.

A BLIND MAN is about to cross the street, and his feet treads ground after the green light is on.. but you realized yourself: you’re holding him on the hand, while saying: “let me help you, apo.. xxx” after the crossing

YOU’RE IN SELF-AMAZEMENT: ‘Lemme see.. Lemme see’; I don’t do that former, but this time.. how good of me!’ [but you reflect back to humility and ‘corrected’ yourself saying]:

‘THANKS TO YOU, O Lord, again you’ve taught me to be my real kind self. I had always wanted to do that guiding.. like I saw others do so before.. but often, I’m gripped with restraint.. because of what other individuals might say, like I’m acting ‘over’, or what.. xxx”

WHAT HAPPENED TO him was a case of the workings of Pegpeg (cf. pulsebeat). He only realized, later.. what good deed he’d done.. and there went (Supra.) his words, interpretations, and equals what(s). our next example

FROM A FEW yards away, you spot an old beggar, hands extended, and saying something. Before you, were people who just looked at him and passed by. At first, you thought it was ‘normal anyway’ to just look at him. But

WHEN YOUR EYES met, he didn’t say anything.. You felt something inside you, and to your pocket went your hand.. got all the coins.. and two or three paper bills from that pocket, you held the beggar’s hand open and handed what you had handful! Later,

FROM THAT LOCATION, you instantly recalled: ‘I didn’t want to count how much.. I just felt, it was enough or okay.. I left.. maybe not just pity.. but a “realization” my coins and what could help him some ways.. xxx” We now surmiss: it was Pegpeg that moved you.

OUR FINAL SITUATION.. and example-application. Let’s adjust the side-mirror a few anglebits:

THE DAM-DISPLACED FAMILIES, orginales, of Binga and Ambuklao – all Filipino citizens, the originales were; and so now are their descendants.

SINCE DAMMING YEARS – 1954 for Ambuklao and 1960 for Binga, they’ve been airing the plights to the appertaining-in-milieu: companies, local and national government units, etc., but up to now – our date/fecha today: w.a.l.a. pa pong linaw – not clear yet, as in.

THE FACTS, ISSUES, and conditions are bare and graspable enough to attract, or evoke, or draw some p.e.g.p.e.g; but such just remain unresolved or not fully-addressed.

THERE WERE SOME attempts: e.g. The Palawan Resettlement in the late ‘70s, the earlier (Nueva Vizcaya) Relocation Plan, the ABDDC (Ambuklao-Binga Dam Displaced Committee), etc., but to: ‘unsuccess’, they all ended. To be brief about this.

THERE WERE FIVE-in general – “Apples for Consideration”; or simplified: reasons why the pre-dam area peoples consented – or else, were ‘prevailed upon’, to have their lands and places to be dammed, to wit, and among others:

1) FREE ELECTRIC LIGHT; 2) Resettlement or Relocation; 3) Transfer of Graves, rituals involved included; 4) Employment of ‘at least one able-bodied’ –per household member; 5) Just compensation of damaged properties, and so on.

THE REST OF the story, you and I know; and, if you want a clear-cut ‘birds eye-view’, ask yourself again: if those issues have already been ‘settled’ or addressed, why do they keep on, ‘re-surfacing’ in Media and among the folks?

IN PREVIOUS TIMES,  few have declared – on the stage, in Gatherings, personally, etc., that they have Pegpeg for us – dam-displaced citizens, but never continued ‘up to Finish’.. this time, we ask again: Who really can ‘pulsebeat’ – wara’y pegpeg to – with us? Anyone, like us.. as ‘weak and powerless’; yet true and sincere to be our hope and inspiration enough?

THE PEGPEG COULD be easily self-detected or felt; so, only you can say – no one else could estimate; or, decipher; or, say so.. but you!

WELCOME TO OUR ‘Island of Concerns’ – since yet 60 years ago. There are no others-who can, except: you with the ‘pulsebeat’ or Pegpeg!

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