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70th Courier Anniversary Issue
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Doing the opposite, and of Pasaways, atbp.

IN BOYHOOD YEARS, I used to sing – with others, an English-Tagalog song which runs (or something like):

“IN OUR PLACE along the bay,



Sumayaw ang pilay,

Nanood ang bulag;

Umaawit ang pipi,

Nakikinig ang bingi!

(TRANSLATION from the 3rd to the last line:)

MET FOUR, [FEASTIVE] jolly beggars:

Danced the crippled one,

Watched the blind one;

Sang the mum one,

[while] listened the deaf one!

* * * * * * * * * *

MAYBE IT WAS the tune that we liked foremost – simple shift here and there, that we accustomed ourselves to sing said song – in private or public occasions; sometimes: even unguardedly; like somebody begins the lines.. and others around join in.. and: with gusto and flavor!

* * * * * * * * * *

REFLECTING ON THOSE times now, it is clear we knew the meanings per line of what we used to sing – the teachers of these times-were always ready and helpful to make us ‘aware-enough’ what we meant.. about every word we said.

“THE CRIPPLED ONE dancing, while the blind one was watching, etc.”, appeared to be ‘playful’, but we knew them to be not-the-case; or even: ‘impossible’. Just the same the song sort-of “entertained” us, one way or the other – and so, we used to sing it; and we loved it.

[I’M NOT MUCH into Tagalog poetry but are the Ironic ‘pairings’ original Filipino? I’ve seen this style in the acknowledged great poet, Jose Garcia Villa; for example two lines I remember go: “xxx The bees sing, the birds sting xxx”].

* * * * * * * * * *

REFLECTING STILL FURTHER, we Filipinos ourselves, say sometimes: “we do the ‘opposite’ of we’re supposed not to”; [this means: we ‘defy’] our own Precepts, culture traits, and the like?

[ON THE OTHER hand, some among us are ever-ready to contest these incidents and say: “Nope.. nope (3x) we’re not that.. in fact.. ad infinitum.. but look around you, and listen: in a while, you’ll hear somebody shout]:

P.A.S.A.W.A.Y! WHY ARE you always [but not really that ‘always’ albeit?].. like that?

“YOU’RE DOING THE opposite, you’re objecting, you’re contradicting, etc., because you see some indeterminate ‘discrepancies’ here and there? Or

“YOU JUST PLAIN want to express your inconvenience, non-conformity, non-easiness, etc., with the issue? Could you ever make yourself change from that Stance? Or

“THERE’S Some ‘INNER’ joy or self-actualization you derive as you go pasaway? I’m near giving up on counselling you.. though you’re my closest friend, and you know that, don’t you? “And still further, reflecting

* * * * * * * * * *

NOT SAME, BUT parallel instances-during this Barangay and SK Election ‘Fever’:

BEFORE THE START of filing the Certificates of Candidacy (COCs) i.e. April 14, 2018 “many” were poised to file – average four to five candidates per barangay – i.e. for: Chairman.

BUT FOR SEVEN (7) days, the constituents were held in suspense: “only two filed, when will the others file?”

SECOND DAY OF Filing, 3rd, 4th, etc. until: the last day – only two or three still. So

WHAT HAPPENED TO the ‘poised’ ones – who have signified themselves to be: ‘decided’, ‘raring’, ‘convinced’? Helloo! Aloha!

* * * * * * * * * *

IN ANOTHER LOCATION, six were poised to run for the position. When I verified the data April 21 – a day after the Filing, they said only two are officially listed as candidates:

I SEARCHED FOR the reasons.. here are some I now share: Said one:

1) “Candidate A is my relative and friend, it’s not enjoyable to run against him!” Another said:

2) “Both candidates A and B are related to me. I’ll surely lose If I join the contest! [But how did he know.. via his a priori Intuition?]. One other said:

3) “It is ‘wiser’ to be a spectator.. of a fight between two contenders – this or that; sa Pula, saPuti.

AH-HA! JUST LIKE that.. and so forth? Pasaway, sadismus, “game of the Captains”? How do we call it?

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