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Panagbenga Flower Festival
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‘Face(s)’ of the Ikulos, atbp.

REFERRING TO THE ‘Face(s)’ here as: the acknowledged, usual (symbolic) presentation of the term focused-on, we touch first and spring from the application of the term ‘Faces of the world’, to wit:

IN BOOKS AND magazines.. in printed – as well as in electronic media, we see New Zealand (re)presented by a Maori-attired person with another, in Western suit; the United States by that bearded, USA flag-motifed, cap-wearing ‘Uncle Sam’; our own dear beloved Philippines by that Salakot-sporting man, Juan de la Cruz, and so on.

IN ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE, and locally, we see the ‘Faces’ of: the ‘Urban poor’ presented as a simple-clad family in a shack – against a background of tallest, magnificent buildings; the politician as a well-fed, obviously expensive-attired, ‘happy’ man; the members of the Clergy, with the cassock and the cross never missed on the drawing or caricatured newspage, and so forth. But, so

IF WE APPLY these things here in our own locale – embracing, among others: groups, ethnic and social; languages and/or dialects, environments milieu, etcetera, what do we get?

THE DESCRIPTIONS OR ‘impressions’, not-yet that exposed or ‘popular’, we gather the following:

THE FIRST AND easiest way is: to look at the provincial, or municipal seal.. does it have the drawings of terraced land by the mountainsides?

IF YES! THAT would spell the people thereat have Gardening as an industry. Does the seal bear a pick and a shovel.. plus a miner’s hat? If Yes!, that means there’s a lot Mining around..

[SOMETIMES, WRITERS DESCRIBE this as ‘big-time’ mining – when companies are involved; and when private individuals – or group of them – are at hand, same writers call them ‘small-time’. But

[WHO REALLY KNOWS the big ‘difference’ is still a wonder.. like some smaller companies stop operation.. and some [group of] individuals are always ‘on the go’, uh-huh]. And then

DOES THE SEAL have some figures of bananas, pineapples – even brooms? If Yes!

THIS SUGGESTS THE people there do Agriculture, Weaving, and so forth. Now

PART OF THESE locales-in-application are the dwellers of traditional settlements along the great banks of the Agno River. They’re specifically written in reading references – by ethnographers, historians, anthros, etc., as Ikulos. Your question and mine could be:

“HOW ARE THEY included in the aforedescribed municipal/provincial seals?” To answer this succinctly, we may take as well a look at what they actually do.. or are known of, etc., as a people – as Ikulos and.. using the foreground references in this discussion,

DO THEY DO Gardening.. as represented by the replicas of the ‘terraced mountain side(s)’? The ready answer is: not-so-much.

AND ‘MINING’, AND ‘Agriculture’? And the answer will be leathered by pauses.. or hesitations to the augments of Certainty, like:

“WELL, YES.. A little bit.. of this and that.. especially: these times or nowadays.. but lemme say: Mining and Gardening.. well, you don’t identify the Ikulos there; traditionally, that is!”

[ALLOW THEM TO proceed and answered shall be your quizzical look for a “Why?”] They’ll go somewhat:

“AGRICULTURE, YES! STILL.. not as depicted in the seals: bananas? Not for selling.. and they have always been contented with those ‘native-best’ varieties of the Cantong and the Saba.. these are still grown these days.. but for family use?

“THEY DIDN’T HAVE pineapples, nor brooms ‘for sale’ either; no carrots, no chisa, etcetera, b.u.t.

“THEY HAD A Lot of Mangoes, and Jackfruits, and guavas.. even sugar cane; by the way po.. what else..

“WHY ARE NOT these other ‘products of the Ikulos’ reflected on the seal – if we may ask?

“THEY RATHER WERE known.. or the books say.. yes po.. even in the Spanish-written ones – or otherwise: they were known to be herders and breeders of large cattle: the water-buffalo – they call by the native name, nuang bangkili; the cow – fondly called bhaka; and the horse – known or referred to by them as: Kabajo and sung(!) in sacred songs as Dungsod; or, ni dungsod ni Kabajo!

“THE IKULOS – IT seems, are not represented in the seals? Their ‘faces’ are not seen – in favour of their other neighbouring groups? We’re still wondering why?!”

“CO-WONDER with them shall be what is best.. and then, you’ll see: the r.e.a.l.i.z.a.t.i.o.n.s. shall come!

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