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IF I were..

WHEN ABROAD AND you meet someone who says he is from the (Agno River) dam areas – especially Binga and Ambuklao, you’ll find out: he is either a 4th, 5th, or even a 6th-generation descendant of originally dam-displaced parents thereat.

IF IT IS here where you meet one – it must be the same description(s) you’ll encounter.. because

THE FIRST AND 2nd-generations have already gone to Heaven.. mostly. The 3rd (..and some few 2nd, per chance..) are now the parents and foreparents. So now,

IF IN A household, your audience consist of 3rd to 5th (or 6th)-generation members, and you strike ‘normal’ topic conversations, then later.. to the issues of Uprootal, displacement.. or resettlement,

IN MOST LIKELIHOOD, you’ll get like: the 3rd-generation member excitedly participating; the 4th-generation member contributing some lines or two; and the 5th and 6th just ‘playin’ cool, or silent; or, only the 3rd and 4th in active responses and the rest – mere silence; or even: only the 3rd-gen member talking! [And you ask beside yourself] “Why?”

ACCORDING TO INFORMANTS, the following reasons are foremost:

1) Most 3rd-gen grandparents prefer not to openly or lengthily discuss ‘displacement, et. al.’, especially to the 5th or 6th gens.. and they don’t even tell them why.. it must be a ‘topic of extreme caution and discretion’;

2) Basically, the topic ‘displacement et. al.’ is one of unhappy or unpleasant circumstances; that is why the parents and elders avoid discussing same to the children;

3) In fact, some 3rd and 4th-gens have tried ‘open discussions’ before with younger ensues; but mostly what they often get are all or any of the following:

a- a lot of ‘playing-the devil’ questions;

b- some intruding or interfering ‘other side’ buts.. and ifs..;

c- ‘cold shoulders’ and physico-gestural responses;

d- Others. Ergo.

DISPLACEMENT, UPROOTAL, AND Resettlement are seldom or never brought out in parties, gatherings, occasions, among 5th and 6th-generation attendees or participants.

ERGO, WE CANbut foresee the Decline; then, the Disfigurement; then perhaps the Demise of those issues in the near foreseeable Future!

BUT ANYWAY, THAT’S not yet a ‘foregone conclusion’. Not everything ‘forgiven’ is actually forgotten – as supposed, or forgrantedly taken, di po ba?

RATHER, FROM SUCH unfortunate, sad, or even debilitating ‘reforms’ emerge or spring forth the “Natural goodness” of the species of humans!

YES! INSPITE OF others who don’t, you and I believe in the Homo Natura, ‘the natural man’, that even those beyond the religious distinctive leaders and believers alike.. they hope for and believe its eventual coming or disclosures finale! Di po ba? So,

IF YOU ARE one of those 5th- or 6th-gen in Present time.. and you’re not like any of those in your generations who defy, shrug-off, or [worst:] a.v.o.i.d the ‘Displacement, et. al. issues, may we know how you will premise, relate, conclude and posit recommendations finalemént – from your facts or observations on said issues? Lemme say:

IF I WERE”.. [yes, it is hypothetical.. because I’m no 5th- nor 6th-gen; I’m a 3rd gen.. nonetheless my exposure and incubation into the areas but honest-to-goodness qualify me to strongly hypothesize.. thus:] “If I were a 5th or 6th gen, I’d proceed this tentative way, or somewhat:

1- PRESENTLY-LOCATED IN THE peripheries of the two dams nl. Binga and Ambuklao – are now the ‘boundary peoples’ of Bokod and Itogon;

2- THEY’BE BEEN THERE ‘since time immemorial’ and they know and call themselves: Ibingaan, or in short, Ibinga;

3- Upon the coming of the NPC and later agencies – in the 50’s and later – the Ibingaans 1st and 2nd generations, were promised ‘this and that’; but

4- Those promises were not fulfilled;

5- Up to this time, they have still those same common basic complaints and Clamour.

SO, Somebody, someone, some ‘bodies’ – legal, historico-legal, civic, etc., won’t you please lend a helping hand? It is a ‘now-or-never’ reality. The scenario is plain to the naked eye. Is it not, po?

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