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Ngals – never yet really ‘known’?

NGALS HERE WILL BE the short for the Nabaloi Ngaluknguks (plu.) “the kinds, myths, actual, observed lengths and/or durations, etc. of snores – or snoring, itself”.

IF THEY JUST want to describe some particular individuals they know – or have observed – to snore a lot, they just precede the term with the prefix ma~ (generally indicating ‘doer’) and say ma ngals, i.e. “he/she, or, they who snore”.

NOW, TO THE term itself. Is it a ‘regular’ or neutral term – just-like-any that may be heard or received? Or, is it one that can cause a smile? Or, is it an unpleasant – sometimes ‘offensive’ term that may: if possible: better not applied at all?

USUALLY, IT IS this last one. So old folks used to caution their young: “never talk in public about Ngals.. nor even ever point or refer to anybody as: ma-ngals!

THE PRIME REASONS are, any or all of the following: 1) snores always disturb the other’s sleep; 2) it is never musical’; and 3) it is not good to talk about it – in length, ni ula ulay; lest, it may “transfer” to you!

AH-HA! NO WONDER: individuals who snore a lot may be liked during waking time – but are shunned during sleeping time; or, aren’t they? But

WAIT.. JUST A moment. In ‘these Heights’ – in the Southern Cordis; some believe that snores are not permanent in a person, that eventually, the snore will fade. When?

“THERE IS NO telling”, the folks say. “Some have it until they grow very old; some are cut loose from it earlier; some, Kaman olli olli!”

[LET’S TRANSLATE KAMAN olli olli as “coming and going, repeatedly”.. in technical parlance: ‘temporal’, ‘perennial’, or ‘chronic’].

COMPOUNDING THESE THINGS about Snores – Ngals and ma-ngals both ways, are: the ‘myths’ attached to them, viz.

1) MA-NGALS ARE MOSTLY fat or ‘stocky’; 2) those who snore a lot are usually those with heart ailment or HBP (High Blood Pressure); 3) offspring of snorers become snorers too sometimes chronically, san ifinsak, or permanently.. later in their lifetimes; 4) snoring has something to do with your position sleeping e.g. flat-back down and face-up or aman teng-ay; 5) snorers become some.. as a “result of their once-or-more laughing at known snorers-in actual situations”. But before discussing these in detail

[OUR DEFINITION HERE of Myth: =int a belief or observation – on its way yet to be proven.. or to final facticity, whether already long-held or just-held].

THE FIRST ‘MYTH’ is contested – some claimers citing authorities in the field.. but listen: what about those some others who cite live examples of thin and lightweight individuals who are heavy snorers, or aman bangkhuloc?

THE SECOND ‘MYTH’. Yes, many snorers are diagnosed with heart ailment and/or HBP; but how do we explain those cases where snorers have no such diagnoses?

THE THIRD ‘MYTH’. This sometimes proceeds logically, i.e. the father was a snorer, and so was the grandfather, etcetera; ergo, now: him. But why only him? His siblings and cousins are no ma-ngals, are they?

THE FOURTH ‘MYTH’. You have a dorm mate who snores when lying flat-back; and when you at times want him to stop it, you touch his side and counsel him: “lie sideways please!” and.. the ngals stops. But

ANOTHER TIME IT happened, the ‘sideways’ counsel didn’t work i.e. he snored just the same. When you told him about it next morning, he said:

“I WAS TIRED. Maybe that’s why. My snoring just comes naturally when I over-exert e.g. basketball or billiards!” [Nakitam: what say you now, in case it was you told that?].

THE FIFTH ‘MYTH’. That is a ‘transfer’ because you laughed at a snorer – with others, at a public scene. The ‘learned’ one’s first comment will be:

“A, BUT THAT’S superstition! Yes, it is.. it is! But what else? I see no connexion xxx” [Let’s stop him there, and shall we say]:

‘LEARNED ONE, THE ‘Superstitions’ you’ve been calling decades ago.. why, they’re now principles and validities! Ain’t that so?’ Finalement:

THE GREAT ARISTOTLE once said, but now lastingly heard: ‘to destroy an argument, one counter-example is sufficient!’ That’s what he said – more or less. Wasn’t it?

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