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Even just the Ooneyto will do

THE ELECTION FEVER’ – for the Barangay and SK Elections is again almost to set in. and well, you and I shall see and witness anew candidates ‘presenting’ themselves as: ‘intending’ or ‘decided’ to run because they perceive themselves as: any or all of the following, inter alii:

“QUALIFIED, DEDICATED, REALLY ‘cut-for’ (-nai bagay) – for the positions aspired too”, respective. This scenario is usually a ‘given’.. weeks before the announced Election; this time: the Barangay and SK Election – come May, 2018. Well, there are

QUESTIONS WHICH ALWAYS lurk, and there are the likes of: “But will he really work when elected.. as he now claims, he surely will?” Or, “Does she really have that initiative, or flare or ‘heartbeat’ for the groups he intends to represent e.g. Senior, ‘Marginalized’, PWD, ‘Displaced’, Special cases (SCS)? Etcetera. But

YOU’VE LEARNED YOUR ‘lessons’ from the Past – that ‘the bests’, the ‘Supers’, the ‘Devoteds’, etc., they often project they are, shall not really what or who or how they’ll be; so, you ‘tap’ and re-position yourself and say:

ANGKHEN SOTTA OONEYTO bengat.. (Be it the not-so~ only..). We shall be happy.. we can settle for it.. or the equivalent.; the more than not-so cannot be had anyway; that Frame of mind has had only brought frustrations and disappointments in the Past!” But truly

[YOU ARE CONVINCED that this time you should deviate from your usual ‘perennial’ weaknesses of falling prey to ‘powerful’ speakers in the Past; quick-wit arguers, and ‘influential’ candidates, and same-kinds.

[YOU GO SPECIFIC and look introspectively – as a dam-displaced voter and citizen.. In spite of their words ‘magnetic and alluring’, what have these candidates been doing all along? And vividly so, you recall:]

THOSE CANDIDATES NOW here before you again – the nth time, in the duration of their respective ‘Incumbencies’, have not really:

1) gone into (or seriously researched or touched) the true stories of the ‘damage claims’ e.g. submerged, slided, eroded into, and silted, properties; or, into

2) the disparity in the Employment policies and practices of the appertaining agencies – both LGU and NLGU – in the areas of said dam-displaced citizens (Basic: their being original settlers – or their parents were – vs. the cases of ‘present’ citizens, six months or less,,, these are hardly touched, nor taken into account, when the Job(s) vis-à-vis the applicants are to the Fore of the agencies!);

3) And the ‘Disregard’ often of the ‘newcomers’ over the concerns of he ‘Displaced originals’, this has yet to be peered into by those nth time aspiring candidates. Often, it goes:

4) As the seemed-to-be ‘keen elected one’ exits because of the expiration of his/her term, his interest and ‘flare’, and what have you.. exits too.. what do they call it now: dedication (or devocion) co-terminus? So,

5) Some self-assignees just could never be the displaceds’ spokesmen – in the agencies where they are sworn? It is simply in-posible? But come on!

[WHAT ABOUT LOS EXCEPCIONES? That’s what we may hope for.. really, really. Ain’t that so?

YES, MANY OTHERS have aspired and presented themselves before; they have assigned or accorded unto themselves as: the ‘fighters for the neglected’; the ‘hopes of the Uprooted ones’; etc., but sorry to say they have not succeeded in proving true their words.

THIS TIME, WE desire no fiery speeches, less ‘ready-smile’ candidates, more low-profile but deliberate public servers-to-be; yes! We shall settle for: even just the Ooneyto will do!

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