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Wisdom bits ‘native’, from Toravent Lacya

LET’S FIRST EXPLAIN our title for today’s discussion.

SPARKS OF WISDOM – ‘little’ or in-bits, but still valuable and practical for us common folks, in this “era of Sophistication and Advancement”.

‘NATIVE’, BECAUSE THESE are not yet read or found in books; or, in Media, for everybody’s access.

OUR USE OF ‘from’ – instead of ‘of’ is just our way of caution.. that such bits of Info are from him originally.. although others in other locales may have had similar – or parallel discoveries of: wisdom bits or ‘sparks’.

OUR FEATURED INFORMANT is Tora Ben-Hur Lackias in real life but he preferes to be called by that shortened ‘nickname’ (self-given, or by some peers): Toravent Lacya.

[APO TORAVENT WAS featured months earlier in this column, with two others. His ‘discovery’ in that discussion-issue was on the Erӧw or Philippine python which–he said in conclusion.. [they] don’t swallow ‘food’ with strange or fragrant smell]. Now, the ‘bits’ – three of them today.

FIRST: THAT CASSAVA leaves are good substitutes for fish feeds. “The leaves are easily available – you don’t buy them; and as nutritious – the fishes like them”, he says.

HE FURTHER RELATES that this discovery was ‘by accident’, chinambaan ko. Two years or so ago, his aunt, Bjuring, was dropping from an elevated area cassava stems (of course, with leaves) for her goats rendered hungry by continuous rains.

AS HIS AUNT was throwing those stems, two or three of these landed in Toravent’s (tilapia) fish ponds – which were not far from where the goats were feeding.

WHEN NEXT DAY, Toravent went to visit his ponds to feed them Davoy – the river weeds (?) his folks traditionally feed their fishes with, lo! he saw tose stems of cassava.. with no more leaves; some tattered leftovers of these though.. were on sight.

SECOND, A GROWING rooster, or tolol is already beginning to be a breeder, matpek, when its wings ‘keep lowering in style’.. [he expresses it more accurately in Nabaloi:] no nanahpas ma y payad to!

“IN THE OLD days”, he says, “our folks used to say that the tolol only starts running after chickens female when its crowing is ‘fully developed’ – as you can hear it early in the morning..

“BUT NO, THAT has to be corrected. Look, I’ve been observing my young tolols at [Sitio] East Camodinga and that’s how they grow and ‘become’ roosters.. it has been maybe 10 years now”.

‘OF WHAT BREED are your tolols and roosters?’ I asked with deep interest.. hoping to illicit a ‘by-breed’ exception, but he answered plain – as if immediately hinting my clue:

“AH, THEY’RE MOSTLY Jolo-and-native crossbreeds. But my cousin Titus B. of Baloy who has Texas-and-native breeds, as well as another cousin – Jerome Pio of Bizal (Bokod) who has the Cantonese-and-native breed rare in these parts, share my observation: the lowered wings, rather than the crowing tone or tune!”

* * * * * * * * * * *

THIRD, HIS ‘MOSQUITO-net’ fingerlings (these times, the government can give you thousands of fingerlings, ‘upon request’, of course).

SO, WHAT DO people in Apo Lacya’s area do when their fingerlings requested, arrive?

SOME JUST RELEASE these on an existing fish pond – so these can ‘mingle, survive, and swim’ with the other occupants of the pond: big, medium, small, or tiny fishes.

OTHERS RELEASE THE tender fingerlings on a small pond – especially built for these; then, there nurtured and specially taken cared of – until they grower bigger.

BUT FOR LACYA, he does it differently: he buys a new mosquito net, does some bracings here and there, goes to the river or flowing rivulet, positions his square-shaped mosquito net into ‘a safe part’ of the river-flow, and then releases his fingerlings there!

WHEN I ASKED him why not position his net inside any part of his three fishponds, he said:

“BY EXPERIENCE, MY river-fingerlings grow faster that-a-way.. healthier and stronger too! I tried the ‘direct-seeding’ into the live pond before, as well as the big-small-tiny segregated style (before); this is the best as of now, I think!”

YOU NEED SOME practical advices? Why don’t you try seek some from Toravent Lacya – or, others like him.. the ‘unschooled’ men with stunning ‘bits of wisdom’?

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