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SOFAD tackles 26 legislative items

The scout officials for a day (Sofad) held its council session last Monday and acted on 26 legislative items in the agenda.

The annual Sofad activity is a realization of Proclamation 1326, s.1974, which designates the celebration of “National Scouting Month” in the country every October to heighten and sustain the involvement of the youth and adults in the Scouting movement for a better tomorrow. It calls upon all citizens and residents of the Philippines for their unstinted support, moral and material, for the Boy and Girl Scouts of the Philippines to enable them to continue with their youth citizenship training programs.

Resolution 025, s. 2016 sets the launching of the Scouting Month in the city every first day of October and prioritizes the time, period, and reservation of all BSP and GSP programs and activities.

Sofad vice mayor April Joy Sumbang presided the session in complete attendance of the Sofad councilors, namely Cyril Mae Buhong, Rheina Mhikaela Esteves, Gerwin Dogui-is, Miguel Ernesto Luis Jamon, Eriko Coscolluela, Blessy Bangui, Jean Angela Sarra, Jef Mitzel Paran, Carl Jon Walsiyen, Joaquin Iñigo Alterado, Regine Biang, Harvey Basinga, Jhulyn Anne Gelia, and Ma. Cassandra Espiritu.

The Sangguniang Panlungsod staff with Sofad secretary bea zabah borja recorded the proceedings.

In a resolution, the members jointly called for the “institutionalization of the Sofad in all barangays” of the City of Baguio. They also appealed to the business owners and companies, government agencies and departments, universities, schools, and non-government organizations and cooperatives in the city to start or maintain their respective outreach programs; and encouraged the private schools to broaden their program on academic incentives, such as higher discounts on tuition for grades 1 to 12 honor students.

In support to the 100-meter absolute ban or prohibition on the “sale or distribution of tobacco products from any point of the perimeter of a school, public playground or other facility frequented particularly by minors,” the Sofad council has supported city’s stand to uphold the ban or prohibition as repeatedly expressed in paragraph (e), Section 5 of Executive Order 26 of President Rodrigo Duterte, Section 10 of the Tobacco Regulation Act of, and Department of Education Order 48, s. 2016.

It also urged the Baguio City Police Office and the Business Permits and Licensing Division to strictly monitor all business establishments violating the ordinance on “prohibiting serving liquor or alcoholic beverages to minors” and to impose appropriate imposition penalty or punishment to violators.

The BPLD is mandated to ensure the compliance of bar and liquor storeowners to the requirements before the issuance of their business permits as provided for under Ordinance 88, s. 2009 or the Baguio City Liquor Ordinance.

The measures were referred to the appropriate committees for proper action of the regular city council.

Also approved by the body are the request for the city government, the BCPO, and all the 128 barangays of the city to strictly implement Ordinance 23, s, 2018 or the “curfew hour for minors” from roaming the streets, roads, plazas, parks or other public places or establishments in the city.

On peace and order and safety, the Scout officials have filed measures to prohibit and regulate the use of mobile devices and other distractive devices and items while walking and crossing the streets and sidewalks in the city; to construct new drainage – storm water system with open channels from road to river – for the discharge of rainwater, especially during strong typhoons; for the city government to deploy security guard/s in every tourist site in the city and to install signages notifying visitors of the rules, regulations, directions, and safety hazards within the tourist site; to require the Benguet Electric Cooperative, Inc. and all other utilities operating in the city to maintain, replace outdated, and repair damaged utility poles and cable wires along public roads and sidewalks; and to renovate and widen sidewalks and install and repair railings and ramps for the safety and convenience of persons with disability and the public as a whole.

Further, for cleanliness and health promotion purposes are the requests for concerned agencies and offices to maintain, improve, and rehabilitate the drainage and sewage system of the Baguio City public market and nearby barangays; to place trash bins or trash bags at least every 50 meters along Session Road and around the public market; for the removal of confectionery products displayed on the “guilt lane” at the checkout aisle of the supermarkets and similar establishments; to promote the use of shampoo bars in the household of Baguio residents to help reduce the use of plastic bottles in manufacturing of shampoos; and to restrict all kinds of vehicles from parking within school grounds or premises at all times for health, safety and easy traffic access in case of emergencies.

Also approved are two ordinances mandating all guards in schools to inspect bags to avoid sneaking of dangerous items inside campuses; and providing gender-based protection against sexual harassment in streets, public spaces, and private establishments and prescribing corresponding penalties.

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