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66th Courier Anniversary Issue
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Council heralds productive 2016 in legislation

The city council has successfully accomplished its duties and functions for 2016 in legislating necessary measures for the judicious allocation of funds and formulation of policies that redounded to the general welfare, social and health services, and the overall development of the City of Baguio.

Under the leadership of Vice Mayor Edison Bilog, the council has conducted 41 regular sessions and nine special sessions for a total of 50 sessions and two executive-legislative meetings. In aid of legislation, it has conducted 47 public hearings as means of involving the constituents in the legislative process and decision making.

The collective accomplishments were made possible through the efforts and cooperation between the vice mayor and the city council with members Leandro Yangot, Edgar Avila, Roberto Ortega, Joel Alangsab, Faustino Olowan, Elmer Datuin, Maria Mylen Victoria Yaranon, Elaine Sembrano, Peter Fianza, Lilia Fariñas, Arthur Allad-iw, Benny Bomogao, and Michael Lawana.

Pursuant to its mandate, the body has enacted 72 ordinances, adopted 341 resolutions, and disposed two barangay administrative cases.

Among the major measures passed is Ordinance 18 s. 2016 or “the Environment Code of the City of Baguio” in compliance with the mandate of the Local Government Code of 1991 and the recognition that the natural environment is fragile and in need of special legal protections. The Code is designed to continuously preserve the environment for the sake of the constituents of the city and its future generations.

In consideration of the socio-economic conditions of the constituents and their right of access to basic utilities, the council passed Ordinance 15 s. 2016 “granting amnesty to applicants for electric and water connections in the City of Baguio” from May 10 to Sept. 10, 2016. Since the four-month period was not enough, the council subsequently passed Ordinance 62 s. 2016 to extend the duration of the amnesty for six months from Dec. 22 to April 22 so that all qualified applicants will be fairly accommodated.

Through Ordinance 46 s. 2016, the council prescribed rules and regulations for the conduct of fun runs and other foot races in the city to ensure the safety and security of the participants especially when there are storm signals or during inclement weather so that proper information and assessment are made before deciding whether the scheduled fun runs and foot races will proceed or not.

The measure also imposes responsibilities and accountabilities to organizers for proper coordination with concerned offices for the management of traffic including the prevention of litters along the roads and destruction of public property during the event.

Also approved through Ordinance 63 s. 2016 is the “Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance for the City of Baguio,” which sets the guidelines for an orderly and proper implementation or conduct of various present and future development projects and activities in the city in accordance with the “2013-2023 Comprehensive Land Use Plan of the City” which was approved in Resolution 306 s. 2016.

The two measures are in compliance to the provisions of environment laws, the National Building Code, the Local Government Code of 1991, the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act, the Clean Air Act, city ordinances, National Greening Program, Executive Order 71, Presidential Decree 957, Batas Pambansa 220, and other related laws.

To increase the amount of the cash incentives for city athletes and coaches, the council approved Ordinance 20, s. 2016 or “The Baguio-based Athletes and Coaches Incentives and Benefits Ordinance of 2016.”

Winning athletes in national sports competitions shall be entitled to cash incentives ranging from P3,000 for bronze to 10,000 for gold, and their coaches from P1,000 (bronze) to P3,000 (gold) for individual event, while P10,000 (bronze) to P60,000 (gold) and their coaches P5,000 (bronze) to P15,000 (gold) for team event.

In international competitions, winning athletes shall be entitled to cash incentives ranging from P10,000 to 30,000 and their coaches from P5,000 to P15,000 for individual event; while P15,000 to P100,000 for athletes and their coaches P10,000 to P25,000 for team event.

On special considerations, Baguio-based national and professional athletes, as well as their coaches, may be granted special cash incentives in addition to national cash incentives or cash prizes granted they earned in their events.

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