Issue of August 12, 2018

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Wisdom and discipline

Knowledge is what we acquire while wisdom is how we apply it.

Knowledge is the scope of what we know while wisdom refers to what we can efficiently do.

It reminds us that in this wonderful life, being knowledgeable is a must but not sufficient to successfully traverse the challenging path of life. Being knowledgeable is a tool for one to understand what life offers.

However, knowledge needs to be honed and sharpened everyday to maintain its innate value and sustain its usability. Knowledge can only be translated into wisdom when the one who possess it will finally realize the urgency of its strategic application into his/her personal life anchored with the idea that what is beneficial to him/her must be beneficial to other people and the community.

Knowledge application into its affirmative usage is a challenge to most of us. Even professionals who could easily recite the contents of books will only realize that they are only stuck and good in doing such.

As the saying goes, “Not all educated are enabled as not all knowledgeable are capable.” Everyone should become aware that the end point of learning and education is not simply the accumulation of knowledge but meant to refine and improve one's life-crafts for one to be more efficient and sustainably relevant.

Please allow me to cite few examples based on observations confined within the Philippine setting.

While most are aware that there is a law that prohibits jaywalking, many still violate the law. While there is a national ban on smoking in public places supported by various local ordinances, many still ignore such national and local laws.

While everyone knows about the anti-littering ordinance, some are still deliberately violating it. There is a law that prohibits illegal gambling but illegal number games are rampant, especially in urban areas.

While government officials are knowledgeable about the purpose and principles of Republic Act 6713 or the "Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees,” a number of elected leaders, including state workers, still violate the code even up to the extent of sacrificing public service.

With all these indicators, I could say that the bridge that could connect knowledge and wisdom is discipline and obedience.

To become responsible citizens, one should be guided with the saying, "The more that we gain wisdom, the more that we accept and value discipline."

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