Issue of May 14, 2017
Mt. Province

66th Courier Anniversary Issue
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The new planet called social media

Haven’t you noticed that the people around you seem to be faceless? Nowadays, wherever you go, whether you are walking or inside a public vehicle, people are always bowed. This is probably because they are too busy looking and swiping the screen of their cellular phones. They are like newly discovered creatures in this planet called social media.

Today, one click of an icon and you are immediately zapped into that new planet. Your devices are like portals that transport you to this planet. And once you’re transported into this world you can do everything in a fast-paced manner. People can communicate with anyone they like, gain more friends, make business, and can access news easily. People can also feel like they are traveling by visiting websites of tourist destinations.

But no matter how incredible social media seems to be, it has also brought negative things.

When was the last time you had a real talk with your parents? When was the last time you heard the line, “No phones on the table?”

What’s the first thing you check in the morning? What’s the first thing you update? Are you sure that all the people in your friend list are really your friends? Do you know all the people that pop up on your wall? When was the last time you saw the sunset or the sky and got mesmerized by it without taking a photo and posting it on any social media platform?

We’re too busy appreciating photos on social media even if we can appreciate them better in the real world. We immediately comment on photos of homeless people or people in pain in the middle of the street yet we can’t donate a penny to a beggar. We bash people even if we don’t really know who they are or the circumstances that they have been into. We follow trends even if these do not suit us. We chat with our friends the whole day even if they just live next door. We have time to read issues and blogs about celebrity breakups and boy bands parting ways yet we don’t have time for real issues confronting our society.

Is it worth missing to live in the real world in exchange for this “new” planet that we are slowly being dragged to live in?

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