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The politics of eating steak!

It was Ysabelle’s confirmation as a Roman Catholic last week at Saint Louis University Burgos gym or whatever it is named after now. We are thankful of how she has grown imbibing the values of the Roman Catholic Church. From the sermon of the mount or the platform, ‘Chrismation’ is the second sacrament of anointing with holy myron or chrism oil mixed with balsam.

This is consecrated by the bishop for our children bred at Saint Louis Laboratory. The ceremony confirms and strengthens the “baptismal grace” given them. The presider pronounces the sacramental words proper as a gift of the Holy Spirit and the grace given in baptism is “strengthened and deepened.”

We fully appreciate the presence of Ysa’s witnesses to her confirmation, Godmother Bebs Manabat and Godfather Karl “Muub” Gabaen who patiently tolled the four hours or so religious ceremony while in all probability squirming in their seats like everyone else.

Of course the fun part came after, during the breaking of the bread at Marios. This onewas great especially for Enzo as the orders for steak came abundantly.

I remember the old Erap joke: “Sir, how did you find your steak?” asked the headwaiter. Confidently, Erap replied: “Right under the mashed potatoes.”

Speaking of Erap, it’s been a long time since he visited here in Baguio. Way back when he was an ex-President and ex-convict, he would chopper his way here especially during the Holy Week and we would drink Johnny Blue or redwine and eat his favorite bakalaw at his house together with Bobby Burgos, my late father’s cousin Manong Boy Morales, Manny Tibayan, Chinese crony Reggie Lee and a handful of other friends whose dictum is “walang iwanan.

At one time or another it would be would Loi hosting or once in a while…never mind!

Back to steak and the question “How would you like your steak done?” We use to have this business endeavor operating a casino at Clark with former Senator Lito “Leon Guerrero” Lapid (Question: Sino ang pumatay kay Magellan na ang initials ay LL?

Erap: Lito Lapid? Hindi po. ‘Yung pangalan nya ay inuulit ulit.

Erap: “Ahh, Lito Lito Lapid” He he he), Bert Kilatis, Baby Pascual, the Dy’s of Isabela.

Of course with the kind of mafia like characters, the business flopped and I was left holding an empty cup but that is another story. Anyway, almost every weekend I held office at Clark and dined at the casino restaurant and ultimately lectured by their chef who must have moved on at the Widus Hotel at Clark. There is politics in eating steak and here, he presents its intricacies, which I share with our readers who are inclined. How it’s done or better how would you like your steak done?

“Black and blue” means the steak is seared black on the outside and rare on the inside. “Rare” means red cool to warm center and it will be soft and spongy. “Medium rare” means red warm center and your steak will have a springy firmness. “Medium” means a pink center and the steak will have a less springy firmness than medium rare. “Medium well” means a slightly pink center cooked throughout and your steak will feel firm and “Well done” means no color left and the steak will feel very firm and>
There you go for the crash course and where in heaven’s name will the politics come in? It would be the conversation about the couple next table or better still the activities of your neighbor and the friends of his friends. Bon appetit but the next time one takes breakfast and the waiter asks “how would you like your eggs done?” Definitely the answer should not be “well done.” Sigh!

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