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65th Anniversary SUPPLEMENT

Eco–Walk: Like a small seed that has grown into a mighty tree of success
by Harley Palangchao

Long before the Department of Environment and Natural Resources thought of building the "Green Army" composed of hundreds of Forestry graduates to oversee the… 
Community immersion: Linking the gap between tourism and culture
by Rimaliza Opiña

Incidents of an actor being declared unwanted in Baguio for a supposed slur against Igorots and the issuance of an apology by a diplomat to a group of Igorot students… 
Leave no trace
by Melanie Marquez

In this age of computer and high tech devices, of virtual games and social networking plus tablets and ipads, any parent or adult will not argue that the popularity of tumbang preso and patintero is one left… 
Tongtong: The basis of ‘alternative’ dispute resolution
by Jane Cadalig

Thomas Liwan of Barangay Pico in La Trinidad, Benguet does not hold a degree in mediation, but for years, his job has been concentrated on reconciling conflicting parties. 
Putting Igorot ethics at the heart of governance
by Maurice Malanes

One time, some acquaintances casually talked about some former government personnel who made it "big" while in public service. These former government personnel now own mansions, a fleet of cars… 
Igorots in partnership for development
by Ryan Mangusan

Before anything else, I am an Igorot by heart. The Igorots are proud indigenous peoples of the Cordillera. They are the free, hardworking, and peace–loving people who own the land that was independent… 
The Cordillerans’ ancient way of managing forests could be our saving grace from Climate Change
by Hanna Lacsamana

What could be the world like without the Cordillerans and their age–old way of forest resource management? 
"Kaet", "Agik"
by Liza Agoot

The family that eats together, stays together. No matter how one describes the relationship that exists in a Cordilleran kin, there is one meaning that is expressed by the Ibalois: Sajay e pamiljak, insemmek koy pamiljak… 
What’s on the menu? Cañao with watwat and pinuneg
by Lorma Tumilang

What’s on the menu? Tapey and dinawis as appetizers, watwat with pinuneg as the main dish, and camote for snack. Interested? Why not share a meal with me in… 
Why your power bills are too long
by Delmar Cariño

Electric cooperatives, cognizant of the highly technical nature of their operations, including their bills, have gone the extra mile to explain – in ways that an ordinary consumer would understand&helli; 
Three ‘enduring’ S. Cordillera Practices
by Morr Pungayan

Despite the ‘exculturating’ pressures of Today’s education, religion, media, neo–isms, and the ’Contemporary’–in–general, as aptly expressed by the Pulsating phrase: 
Closing the gender imbalance at the managerial level in government
by PIA

Gender equity and women empowerment have gone a long way in the Cordillera region especially in the participation and representation of women in decision and policy making… 
65th Anniversary Cartoon
Jogin Tamayo



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